الريبو رجل يحصل صاحب الحمار الركل من قبل كاراتيه فتاة

Repo man gets flattened by small Karate girl. Is it real or fake. Who cares its funny. Need Martial Art Gear than go to http://totalcombat.net/
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to الريبو رجل يحصل صاحب الحمار الركل من قبل كاراتيه فتاة

  1. Johnny Cade says:

    Its fake.You really think they would attack him with half a dusin cameras rolling, and not stop for a minutte to think that they were being filmed? Get real.
    They might be able to beat him,but this is a set up for the cameras

  2. Mister Xman says:

    Can’t tell you if it’s fake or not, but I’m 5′ 6″ and I weigh 155 lb.s. However, I have no problem taking down a 300 lb person.

  3. Mister Xman says:

    To be fake… the cops have to be in on it. Some associates and I held a talent show in Southern California 20 years ago. I witnessed a Korean female… barely over 4 ‘ tall… break a stack of tiles using a ridge hand. It was awesome. I once saw Pu Gill (former personal body guard for a Korean President) break off the top of an empty coke bottle using nothing but his thumb. (About 30 yrs ago) Even though he wasn’t holding the bottle, it stood still. So don’t be so quick to say it’s fake.

  4. silentroom82 says:


  5. candcmovers says:

    It’s fumy how all the old guys think its fake that a little girl can take down a 300 pound old man. In 10 years all she would have to do is kick his Kane from under him. This is not fake. There is a law suit pending the girls are suing the show. that’s why the original is not on anymore,

  6. candcmovers says:

    Your both idiots. If it is fake these girls are great actors and would be in A movies. Why do you think the original is no longer on line? law suit.

  7. tommysteph says:

    show. =(

  8. Jason Bourne says:


  9. dobbins2550 says:

    How do you write women so well? I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

  10. Junfeng Ou says:

    You mean the show is fake or the fight scene is fake?

  11. Brack Bernhard says:

    a kick into his family jewelry and they grow to water melon size

  12. Hans Mich says:

    all fake  usa usa

  13. seizetheweakened says:

    he shoulda cold-cocked her

  14. Prakash Singak says:

    You will understand that horrible stage when your brother’s friend (who’s been a loser always, by the way) gets an incredible woman to fall for him in a couple of weeks?! Shit, that materialized. I understand I ought to be happy having said that I want it to be me. He explained he used the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to hide inside of a cave at the moment…

  15. Reshma Sharma says:

    I looked at most of the replies on here. I really think this is a brilliant youtube video. My younger brother would like to become staggering with sexy girls. He was taught a fuck load from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The ideas for getting women at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his very first fucks in 2 long yrs. I was pissed though coz I heard them all. Grrrr.

  16. James P. says:

    Fake BS

  17. josef dzurko says:

    lol  so fake

  18. josegarcia19678954 says:

    Dont want to hurt this white mother fucker will get his ass kicked

  19. BANGSHOTA says:


  20. BubbleTrousers says:

    If you didn;t know this was fake from watching the first minute, kill yourself

  21. mad7206 says:

    So fake

  22. hypaaktiv1 says:

    Almost everything on TruTV is fake or to a great extent staged. The obviously fake cops never have uniform insignia nor do their cars. With all the fights they have with big macho men, no one every takes a punch or even has a scratch. Too bad, there is a lot of activity like that, but the production would never get releases. Discovery does it as well.

  23. SwordMaster7891 says:

    So he’s a ashamed that he lost to a girl JUST because she’s a girl a small well in martial arts it’s not about power alone only a fool thinks as such it is about skill and if you are small and train with someone large you WILL grain skill so the fact that she’s a girl makes her more likely to be skillful SO unless you are a childish sexist fool you have one reason to be ashamed by loosing to a skillful girl

  24. gianpaolo giorgetti says:

    Of course it’s fake

  25. john riley says:

    karate simply teaches technique and moves…doesnt give strength.eve seen the hullk get his ass kicked by spiderman??

  26. ELparodiante Rorschach says:

    Es la mejor escena de la peli!!!

  27. RockmanX Wolverine says:

    lol they some lames!

  28. Montesama314 says:

    That guy may have died with bullets in every orifice, but at least he got to say a really cool movie line before his death.

  29. Daniel Peter Raimondi says:

    so badass

  30. LDKBBAB says:


  31. Karen Powney says:

    i don’t know if she noticed but she had a few greenades on her :)

  32. Brinksarsenal says:

    that is one strange sounding bazooka….

  33. Daniel C says:

    you know a sequel is good when once you have watched it, the only thing you want to do is watch the first one again

  34. Louie Notez says:

    Die Muthafuckas!! Lol

  35. meankillerx says:

    i mean “I always wanted to say this”

  36. meankillerx says:

    In that first caption “This is what I always wanted to say” you must be a retard or something because he says “I always wanted to do this”

  37. Darla Lathan says:

    He killed ‘em all, didn’t he?

  38. Mark Lung says:

    damn straight

  39. hoel7367 says:

    man this scene is so great. It has everything a real man could want: elvis, miniguns, jetpacks, and the bad guys getting what was coming to them.

  40. Conrad Culligan says:

    kinda stupid to put the Gatling guns right next to your ears

  41. Saul Goodman says:

    Wow dude I bet you’re a blast at parties…

  42. Sam Goff says:

    You don’t need to aim when you’ve got that monster XD

  43. G405T_SNIPER_910 says:

    That’s how you end a movie! with Elvis singing! NICE!

  44. TheMrDorian71 says:

    Best scene EVER ! :o

  45. Frank Taylor says:

    Anyone else cryed ?

  46. YoungAlllah says:

    He’s still flying in the air on a jet pack, it’s kinda hard to aim…just saying…

  47. Adam Murgatroyd says:

    1000 rounds fired in a 6-8 second time span, can still barely hit 3 people. nice aim cocksucker.

  48. Zombiffix says:

    @Magnolia296 – Do you remember what happened to MagnoliaFan in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? You think their acting sucked?? Really? I think you need a hearing check or quit comparing Kick-Ass acting with your dirty pornstars you fuck. I hate when people can’t appreciate a GOOD movie with ignorance from growing up watching mind melting cartoons. Grr. *rage*

  49. Kim Wiley says:

    as if one mini gun wasnt enough lol he owned them like a boss

  50. TheJonnymarg says:

    not just a minigun, but 2 of them lol

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