BLACK OPS 2 – هوت بموجه الصوت فتاة – مضحك التصيد

I couldn’t believe this guys didn’t catch on 🙂 lol Soundboard: For more, make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

We as Trainers are so proud to present you our talented young once ,,Clueless,, for the first time in a video, i hope you like what you see. SPECIAL THANKS: …

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27 تعليق على BLACK OPS 2 – هوت بموجه الصوت فتاة – مضحك التصيد

  1. Johnny Smith كتب:

    lol idiot

  2. LimePipeBomb كتب:

    Maybe we could troll at the same time? like nico bellic and roman bellic plays black ops 2 lol

  3. Darrian Harrison كتب:

    How dumb are people._.

  4. RM Lobbies كتب:

    add me if you want to do some soundboard trolling psn I_EAT_BALL_SACK

  5. Freakfuzions كتب:

    fuckin hate when people on psn use voice changer to make voice deeper

  6. Ashley Ramirez كتب:

    we are all sexy 🙂

  7. Yuri Mazing كتب:

    Ew, fucking creeper. lol
    That guy sounded like he was 40.
    It could’ve really been a little girl and he’s talking about banging.

  8. anotherperson111 كتب:

    The definition of cod pro is so loose depends on your play style

  9. Eric Rawlings كتب:

    Not hot :'(

  10. alfonsogarcia67ag كتب:

    Is this hot too you

  11. Cake Tins كتب:

    I can’t add you because your friends list is always full.

  12. Leroy Jenkins كتب:

    ive herd of brazzers, but bang bros? LOL

  13. hejw1 . كتب:

    o.o I play black ops and im only 10 e.e AND imma girl 😛 My cousin showed me it then i played it 24/7 and now im pro >O<

  14. MrR YTronX كتب:

    Most girls who play black ops are not fat…

  15. iBadGirlx كتب:


  16. zabbarb0y كتب:

    you should leave the soundboard link you used in the description man :/

  17. miranda schalk كتب:

    1:01-1:06 (back round random guy) “don’t call her that! :( ” XD best part!

  18. RazzMaster1357 كتب:

    Hey everybody! I have recently made a youtube channel and it would REALLY help if some of you guys can come check it out :)! If anyone does go over to my channel a like or comment would be greatly appreciated! Also I will be more than willing to check out your channel.

  19. Shane Quinn كتب:

    Do you have xbox 360 my name is ALPHA SWAG 123 the same way that is spelt

  20. Shane Quinn كتب:

    Yeah and your not

  21. andrew yi كتب:

    it must be the lagg

  22. winter frosst كتب:

    Another awesome vid. 😛

  23. AlexThePs3Gamer كتب:

    hey hike can we play today mabye 5 o clock or 6

  24. MrDemonxSlayer كتب:

    your gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygayyyyyyyyyyyyygayagaygayagayagyagayagaygayagayagaygayagaygayyagaygayagaygayagaygagagygayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygayagayagyagaayaggyaagygayagaygaggyagayagayagayagaygayagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygaygaygaygayaayagyagayagaygagyagayagaygayagagaggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygaygayagayg……………..YOU ARE GAY

  25. Ane Mary D كتب:

    huh 😉

  26. noemijb9 كتب:

    I Love it333

  27. hsan naat كتب:

    i only wtched this video coz philip is dancing in :p

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