توسيع الأرض مؤخرتي

Why are so many people willing to believe a nutty 19th century idea over 50 years of solid and growing evidence for plate tectonics? Because scientists are a…

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25 تعليق على توسيع الأرض مؤخرتي

  1. Lee Brenton كتب:

    In my view, the maker of this video has a similar attitude to neal adams.

  2. Hobo Joe كتب:

    To the maker of this video- Just because you don’t understand something,
    doesn’t mean that when you cynically parrot back the things you haven’t
    grasped,that they somehow become illegitimate through your ignorance of its
    mechanisms. It means simply, that *you still don’t understand what you are
    criticizing*. That should really scare you. It scares me.

  3. David Small كتب:

    @John Vasili: Let’s put our thinking caps on. First, you need to know how
    gravity works. Pretty much, mass is attracted to mass. When you have a
    whole bunch of mass, the more it will attract. Simple enough. Now when
    you have something with the mass of the sun (about 1.989E30 kg) there is a
    whole bunch of mass pulling together, so it should shrink, right? Well it
    is indeed possible to overcome the force of gravity, it’s as easy as
    standing up or jumping or flying. The thing that stops the sun from
    imploding into an infinitesimal point of seemingly infinite mass is the
    nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms that the sun is made of (along with
    helium.) The fusion releases energy that excites the atoms and keeps them
    moving and expanding, but the gravitational force slows it down. Now onto
    why the sun would expand if it loses mass; to put it in simple terms, there
    is less gravity (please go and read up on this, because I don’t want to
    write an entire research paper on YouTube.) Onto the Earth part of my
    essay. Earth is made up of much heavier elements that are much cooler and
    denser than the sun. The Earth’s core is hot, not because of fusion (it
    would be very bad if it were) but because of a list of factors, such as
    friction and radioactive decay (not the same as fusion.) This means that
    the chemicals that make up Earth are not fighting as hard to escape its
    gravitational pull. In order to expand the Earth, the elements inside of
    the core would need to gain enough energy to become gas (this is due to
    solids and liquids not being able to expand or contract easily;) are there
    gasses inside the earth? Absolutely. Are there enough to cause it to
    expand… no. I hope this might clear things up a little, but I’d urge you
    to go do some research from real scientific papers to see how it all adds
    up. Don’t just accept what you hear or read based on “it sounds like it
    could be real,” instead, go look at the whole picture and come to your own
    conclusion. Never stop learning, please.

  4. John Vasili كتب:

    You sound ironic but I think you are wrong. First of all why are you so
    sure that the earth must gain mass while it expands?
    If you get 1 Kg of Hydrogen and 1 Kg of Iron do you really believe that
    they occupy the same volume?
    Do you know that our sun looses mass continuously (even today)? But all
    scientific community agree that our sun will expand in size before it dies.
    It will expand so big they say that it will eat up its planets including
    the earth. Do you agree with this? If yes, then tell us if you think the
    sun will gain mass during this expansion or will it loose mass? Do you know
    I think that if you correctly knew any of the above then you should not
    pose the question “where is the mass is coming from if the earth expands in

  5. michael delaney كتب:

    all stars and planets should have the same mass in solid form since they
    formed in absolute zero, a foundation for all growing planets or stars
    therefore in essence all stars should reach similar size as should all
    planets as matter converts from solid to liquid to gas with an increase in
    core temperatures brought about by elliptical orbits

  6. Samuel Chamberlin كتب:

    I agree and disagree on some of this video. I do believe however, that the
    earth is expanding/getting bigger due to its collection dust and molecules
    it gathers in orbiting the sun.

  7. ImJoeYeah كتب:

    I’d like to ask you some questions on your new formula for gravity.
    If there were two hydrogen atoms floating in space billions of light years
    from anything else, how would you work out the gravitational force between
    them? It would just be the usual formula for gravity we have now, right?

  8. Jonathan Novak كتب:

    I have to agree, no matter how good the jigsaw puzzle and giant animal
    gravity evidence is the lack of an answer as to mechanism disqualifies the
    evidence. Some of these same people also suggested the absorption of space
    field dark matter caused the apparent increase in mass and gravity. Since
    I just realized that all gravity explanations are silly then there is no
    gravity and I can now fly. THanks, it certainly will save plane fare.
    This gravity explanation was indeed proved false wasn’t it? By the way,
    how do I get down?

  9. pcarb كتب:

    OK Mr science man I just saw a great American patriot ask this simple
    question which I will repeat Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can’t
    explain that can you? I’m waiting……… 

  10. bencubed كتب:

    if you acknowledge seafloor spread as the cause of the rifting of Pangea,
    where was subduction at that time which should have stopped the movement,
    or rendered it equal to seafloor growth?

  11. watchoutwhat كتب:

    more than 250 million years ago there was a supercontinent called
    MU/Lemuria that co-existed with the supercontinent Pangaea, the Indigenous
    myths esp. from Philippines encoded an event that caused the obliteration
    of large portion of MU / Lemuria cosmic in scale and recorded the Permian
    Triassic Extinction Event that eventually resulted with the Continental
    Drift, not necessarily the Expanding Earth Theory, search: Ric Vil Hori’s
    Lemurian Timeline.

  12. sathearn كتب:

    @Amy My purpose is not to demonstrate growth, but to oppose misleading
    claims (e.g., about the nature of arguments in the literature). Here again,
    you misrepresent me as saying that there are not measurements, contrary to
    what I said, and my point that compensation within the active margin
    preempts further compensation of spreading draws a complete blank.

  13. michael delaney كتب:

    Jupiter and Saturn are liquid gas giants NOT and I repeat NOT gas giants
    Neptune and Uranus are primarily solid H and solid Helium but NOT gas giants
    Hydrogen is a gas when it becomes a star
    Hydrogen is a solid when it is like Neptune and Uranus (nascent star)
    Hydrogen is a liquid when it is like Jupiter and Saturn(nascent star)
    dark matter is in stars that are in solid and liquid form of Hydrogen
    I will be teaching this on you tube for those of you who are tired of using
    your caveman club to instill antiquated dogma of mass equaling gravity 

  14. Yameen Rasheed كتب:

    This is new.

    Apparently, there are some nutters who have a hunch that the Earth is
    expanding. (and therefore Science is wrong)

    [Edit: Ah! Here it is. The plate tectonic conspiracy of Science debunked,
    and used to prove the Qur’an scientific miracle! http://goo.gl/0k8cM ]

  15. michael delaney كتب:

    science is in error when considering gravity that is why they call Neptune
    and Uranus snow balls. Since originally it was thought that both Uranus
    and Neptune should be primarily composed of solid H and solid Helium but
    when they found that gravity was weaker as a result of space missions they
    had to either change their views on gravity or modify Neptune s and Uranus
    composition which was easier. so that is what they did

  16. michael delaney كتب:

    Mans error is in using a star as a fulcrum for gravity, bad science
    stars can be of different size because of core temperatures not mass and if
    they are capable of rising, the star is also capable of increasing volume
    and therefore increasing surface area and increasing the perceived gravity
    gravity is ever changing as is volume
    volume will grow until it gets to a point where radioactive decay cannot
    support further growth and the planet or star begins the process of losing
    rotation and shrinking instead of growing

  17. michael delaney كتب:

    Mars and Earth have the same mass but different volume due to core
    temperatures affecting both Earths mass and Mars mass differently
    The rise in earths core temperature has brought about an increase in radius
    and an increase in surface speed but mass is again equal that is why they
    both share the same rotation period regardless of size
    notice that earth is double mars radius as is its surface speed which is
    indicative of core temperatures NOT mass affecting gravity
    as core temperatures rise so does surface area so does gravity

  18. michael delaney كتب:

    gravity grows and shrinks with a planets increase and decrease in volume.
    once we understand that gravity is a consequence of rising core
    temperatures we will also realize that we are in error about gravity being
    a function of mass but rather a function of core temperature
    All of the planets are of equal mass it is volume that is at different
    ratio to the
    original masss
    Neptune Uranus Saturn Jupiter and our Sun are of the same mass but volume
    is the fulcrum for gravity not mass

  19. ben cubed كتب:

    The EE hypothesis accounts for mountain range formation via the buckling of
    lesser-curvature plate crust reacting to pressure of conforming to the
    wider/expanding curvature forces beneath. This also accounts for known
    processes of subduction.

  20. zarnell كتب:

    I watched this expanding earth video the other night. I admit i was
    entertained and it made me think about expanding gas and things like that.
    Over all I enjoyed it for entertainment value. Thanks for reality and I
    love the “POP” at the end with the balloon that was hilarious!! 

  21. michael delaney كتب:

    Gravity is caveman talk
    mass does not equal gravity it is the increase in temperature that brings
    about a rise in pressure and an increase in volume which imposes an ever
    changing gravity as Electromagnetism grows at the core
    Hydrogen is stored in solid form where radioactive decay is minimized, it
    is change in core temperatures brought about by elliptical orbits and flux
    transfer events which allows for the gradual increase in radioactive decay 

  22. michael delaney كتب:

    stars form slowly from solid hydrogen until they become as big as Neptune
    or Uranus at which they will become as Saturn and eventually as Jupiter and
    finally a Nebula to a star 

  23. michael delaney كتب:

    A nebula will eventually form around Jupiter
    core temperatures will rise and Jupiter will slowly transform to a nebula
    and eventually a star in an electromagnetic universe

  24. michael delaney كتب:

    Hydrogen is compressed at high temperatures which creates great pressures
    and an increase in volume, this is a trinity of nature that we have not
    properly acknowledged, If we acknowledge that temperatures are prone to
    rise as a result of elliptical orbits we will then find why planets and
    stars must shrink their orbits and increase angular momentum with the
    advent of time

  25. Raciepie كتب:

    Neal Adams is a jerk. I asked how it works and he basically called me an
    ignorant idiot just for asking…

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