LMFAO – I’m مثير وأنا أعلم أنه

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Seb explains to Ben why they need Ashley as their wingwoman – and Ben sees the benefits first hand. Directed by: Jerome Sable Written by: Jerome Sable & Jamie Elman Starring: Ben – Jamie Elman Seb – Jason Kaufman Ashley – Maïté Schwartz Episode 4 in a 5 part series on AWTV www.atomicwedgietv.com http

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50 تعليق على LMFAO – I’m مثير وأنا أعلم أنه

  1. NBADUNKMAN كتب:

    @Sylvia3094 That’s right! :D

  2. NBADUNKMAN كتب:

    @tarkan1995 ROFL!!!

  3. yousseflsr كتب:

    so funny!!!!

  4. strills1234 كتب:

    @Tifu254 Erotic*

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  6. sakurabemloka كتب:


  7. 15lobobo كتب:


  8. mistoOful كتب:

    Polska is sexy and he knows it

  9. andriskah09 كتب:

    I’m in love!!

  10. Sylvia3094 كتب:

    You aren’t sexy and you know it…

  11. heyitsmeaperson كتب:

    @fnglert Ha, true.

  12. heyitsmeaperson كتب:

    @youmakeitwhatitis Terribly sorry, you might want to see some sort of psychologist for that, I wasn’t aware you had your own universe.

    Because I assume you’re ignorant and slow for being so simple minded as to find this sexy, I’ll point out that I was being sarcastic.

  13. heyitsmeaperson كتب:

    @EonBaniDoggu Either way I don’t get how people can really consider this decent or funny. The song is arrogant and obnoxious, and I don’t see why anyone would enjoy being around someone who actually decided to have this attitude, let alone glorify them as celebrities.

  14. JokerNewbies كتب:

    How can his dick sticks out that long?

  15. ninalin909 كتب:


  16. matox6608 كتب:

    LMAO in deed..

  17. karolis033 كتب:

    @heyitsmeaperson the universe of fat 🙂

  18. TheSimpatica87 كتب:

    I’m sexy and I know it
    You are AWESOME and we noticed it

  19. SAMxikaloka كتب:

    Yo le dedico éste vídeo a unas cuantas del salón xD 

  20. EonBaniDoggu كتب:

    @heyitsmeaperson Dude, they are just trying to be Ironic. that’s all. the same thing can be applied to Those of you that Think this video is Ugly; For Crying Out loud, they are just being Ironic. Don’t you guys know anything about irony? Fine, here’s the Definition of “irony”:

    the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.

    P.S. Ok I agree, it Sucks

  21. Tifu254 كتب:


  22. racris7 كتب:

    that is fucking gross i can’t believe there might be people who would actually like this

  23. taneviditelna كتب:

    Yeeeah! 😀 ♥

  24. vrocavesna كتب:

    Yeah, guys are just like that 🙂 I love that… 

  25. LetsRapeCow كتب:

    Thats the joke

  26. boyimgood45 كتب:


  27. cronsmoker2010 كتب:


  28. Dean8330 كتب:

    Life is short.__OneNightRomance com__ is what you need.Hope you like.

  29. BarnstableFightClub كتب:

    NIce wingwoman video! check out our wingman videos on our page called “Wingman Chronicles!” Its a comedy sitcom we created.

  30. natnevergivesup كتب:

    Sub me please :P:P!!!!

  31. TheTunerida كتب:

    Lol!! Simple but very funny!! Specially the ” dude, lesbo’s” part !! Hahaha

  32. kejane1000 كتب:

    this is gay

  33. tastefulnudity كتب:

    This chick is way hotter lol. Her name is Angie Varona:


  34. VIDEOWATHCER91 كتب:

    poor guy :P

  35. jjrockstar2k كتب:

    im scared

  36. pepperkorn3 كتب:


  37. MooseTX409 كتب:


  38. fakkeRICH كتب:

    ay! this is pretty funny!

  39. TheBaafarang كتب:

    This is the best one of the lot!!!! Having troubles??? Holy…shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..

  40. MrNicolascrespo كتب:

    trust me! trust me on this!

  41. adunndome كتب:

    Awesome series!!!WANT MORE!!!

  42. 101stparatrooper كتب:

    The dude with the hat looks like Sonny Corleone!

  43. ChicagoWingwoman كتب:


  44. ChicagoWingwoman كتب:


  45. ChicagoWingwoman كتب:


  46. ChicagoWingwoman كتب:

    Gotta love Chicago Wingwoman.

  47. ChicagoWingwoman كتب:

    Need a wingwoman for real? 

  48. djukome كتب:

    this shit is really funny suprised how i never heard of it before now

  49. FIRINLAZARzz كتب:


  50. puertorricanboy1 كتب:

    jajajajajajajajajajajaja quit on massages !!!!!!!!!  lol

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