HOW TO : تكون مثيرة [الفتيات] (دروس كيت) EP2

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Twitter: Facebook: Sexy and i know it – Parody version download: for acapella version contact: Making of & Bloopers By Roman Buchatsky: Will be online soon. Making the Shufflebot mask by Oleg Balzanov: Video filmed, Directed & Edited by Kostya (Agent K) Vasilkov Lyrics: Andrey Migalovich & Kostya Vasilkov Singing: Yossi Shpayhler Cameraman: Vitali Buchatsky & David Keselman Assistant cameraman: Roman Buchatsky Camera: Canon 600d (t3i) Staff: Roman Buchatsky Yossi Shpayhler Andrey Migalovich Roman Levin Iliya Skoop Oleg Balzanov Orit-Svet Waissman Vitaly Buchatsky Yulia Buchatsky Christin Sinkevich Roman Feodorov Maria Feodorov Sergey Benkovich David Keselman Itay Litvin Dani Davidov Yuda Pinhas
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 تعليق على HOW TO : تكون مثيرة [الفتيات] (دروس كيت) EP2

  1. annoyingsisterss كتب:

    @meneerloki 9 – 17 CUZ IM 9

  2. Mrawsomemonkey1 كتب:

    Lara croft lol

  3. justmeabm كتب:

    you look like ijustine

  4. failWhalie كتب:

    Holy shut you look like Ashley Rickards!

  5. Eeyore161 كتب:

    Agreed lol I feel girls should be able to shower and go like guys. Every girl is beautiful.

  6. sheehalo كتب:

    Fjortis! 0:59

  7. Katzy1990 كتب:

    That’s sex not sexy. Cheese head

  8. srahopie كتب:

    Or be an egocentric gamer gurrrrrrrrrrl

  9. Ba5t10nKane كتب:

    Hahaha your funny 🙂 but all that “sexy” can be removed with a good scrub… Modern society is fcuk’d up

  10. iLoveYouPatterson24 كتب:

    @meneerloki how do you know

  11. wheels85 كتب:

    How to be sexy: Lessons FOR Kate. Step one - exist. Congratulations. You’ve completed this tutorial.

  12. IpManCZE كتب:

    1:20 Damn Hot ^^

  13. vampirekignt299 كتب:

    Woops is it girls only lol 🙂

  14. MrIonization كتب:

    still waiting for the guy version. 2.5 years and running

  15. ILOVEHELLOKiTTY85 كتب:

    trying too hard… besides… too much make up… makes me gag. hate fake girls

  16. TheRealHarryKeogh كتب:

    You’re sexy

  17. LucasCAPS كتب:

    @Michaeloboian @asifallintonothingne Public domain. Probably from Incompetech.

  18. skilletno1 كتب:

    Obey the badgers 🙂

  19. skilletno1 كتب:

    Obe the badgers

  20. asifallintonothingne كتب:

    @Michaeloboian Don’t worry, she didn’t steal it or anything, it’s fairly common in other youtube videos. XD

  21. soulcrusherx29 كتب:

    kate is asian///

  22. Michaeloboian كتب:

    This is the same music that’s in Jenna Marbles’ videos…

  23. awesomelittledude122 كتب:


  24. trevatrevs كتب:

    @xXxEpicFailxXx wheres that?

  25. themostsuperjew كتب:

    I approve

  26. barnuu كتب:

    Gay petr chao’s parody is much better

  27. ChrisGonthePC كتب:


  28. ThePartypetter كتب:

    I lol’d so hard at 1:55

  29. Johnycosa كتب:


  30. pi1ipchuk كتب:

    אהבתי את זה אפילו יותר מהמקור !! XDD ישראל תותחים !!!

  31. MonkeysLoveCookiee كتب:

    no bacon?

  32. nlnlnlnl1000 كتب:

    We did not know he was a saint… People o
    n tv shows laught at the jews all the time. Israeli people are not racist, but, unfortunately, we don’t speak english very well, and again, unluckly, the racist ones speak english quite well….anyway, i think this video meant to be funny, not hurtful…

  33. frogzaf كتب:


  34. nlnlnlnl1000 كتب:

    That jesus on the cross thing wasn’t suppose to be racist… I mean…. Did the jews really hang jesus on the cross? If we did, well, sorry! That have happened 2000 years ago and we didn’t know he is a sa

  35. hayashayas1 كتب:

    @TheLoay1234 fuck fuck you and all your terrorist friends!!!!!

  36. Davido19100 كتب:

    santa penis comes out for all of the video

  37. crownmusic93 كتب:

    Rifreakindicolous wow the awful accident was very funny but all the shlomo pumping was not normal

  38. TheLoay1234 كتب:

    fuck jewish..
    iam arabic and you know it

  39. basketaru كتب:

    OMG THAT BLOND GIRL <3333333333333

  40. basketaru كتب:

    My Shlomo brought me here!!

  41. cbaums كتب:

    could you imagine what the people in the park were thinking?

  42. Juliebiebs123 كتب:

    Follow Swag_krystalgr on twitter:!!!

  43. mexalkid كتب:

    Jesus on a cross dislike

  44. Oopsohoh كتب:

    חחחח השם שלי הוא מאי שלמה די מטריד לא?!?!?!?

  45. TheCaveDragon كتب:

    what shlomo?

  46. BartjeuhW كتب:

    Proud to be jewish? You mentially sick?

  47. sonyy2212 كتب:

    חחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחח גדול!

  48. NBAChrisPaul كتب:

    they are probably russian jews haha

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