DANS عرب مثير

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please check out liz shes super talented! i love her amazing work http://www.youtube.com/user/xoXOLizOXox.
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27 تعليق على  DANS عرب مثير

  1. TReaCherOuS AMazOniAn كتب:

    hot bitch

  2. divinek1 كتب:

    OMG LOVE IT!!!!

  3. alizay323 كتب:

    wow i luveeeee this!!! man ur eyes r a crazy ass color, but it looks fab
    with all the makeup looks you do!

  4. DollFaceBarbieTM كتب:


  5. Frances Ortiz كتب:


  6. Jackie Zamora كتب:

    this is amazing!!!

  7. Shameekz56 كتب:

    This has got to be my favorite Arab inspired tut! Girl you got this on
    lock, i LOVE it, everything looks so perfect! KUDOS!

  8. tsaiyana c كتب:

    it came out good and yes the double liner is hard. in egypt it is almost
    religious. the technique is used in the eye of horace ( im sure u already
    knew) and the senses

  9. Patrice8145 كتب:

    It looks great! And no offense…or take it offensively but @9:38 I wanted
    to bang you. Yea I said it! lolololol

  10. maria mazas كتب:


  11. Lara Zest كتب:

    just awesome ! Xx

  12. melodeyz كتب:

    fuckin grogeous!!!! now i have a look for tommorow!LOL…

  13. MiSSAjam02 كتب:

    omfg !!! im so speechless lol. ur too amazin !!!

  14. slytgood33 كتب:


  15. plussizeinchicago كتب:

    beautiful alondra

  16. Cristina Goodman كتب:

    Damn girl you’re talented!!!!!!!

  17. LVMAKEUP كتب:

    F A B U L O U S

  18. desomar09 كتب:

    soooo pretty !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. tortolita07 كتب:

    Love it! This makes your eyes stand out alot more.

  20. Bella J كتب:

    Wow i LOVE the brows!!! Beautiful x

  21. MzMaKeUpArTizT كتب:

    @Patrice8145 BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! hmmm…Thank you???? lmfao!

  22. MzMaKeUpArTizT كتب:

    @mardel3 Thanks girl!! =] lol

  23. Renata Rodriguez كتب:

    Que padre!!!

  24. zbeautyfl كتب:

    this look is amazing! the eyes are gorgeous and it looks perfect with the

  25. exquisiteexpressions كتب:

    what foundation do you have on in this video?

  26. njoyelife كتب:

    Very sexy!!

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