[HD 1080P] [بث] SeeYa – فتاة ساخن (2008/10/10)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

In todays video Youtubable pretends to be a hot girl, and gets an OpTic fanboy pretty horny! Director’s channel: http://youtube.com/YoutubableHD Music: e-dub…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 تعليق على  [HD 1080P] [بث] SeeYa – فتاة ساخن (2008/10/10)

  1. Héctor Rosas كتب:

    [LIVE] SeeYa – Hot Girl

    Itsumirui Peace always

  2. oldermvs كتب:

    @yaotomesita you`re welcome 🙂

  3. John Camania كتب:

    Why most of people screw gyuri?? -.- without gyuri there will be no SeeYa,
    when Gyuri left and that girl who’s in Co.Ed now replace her, their song’s
    not become so popular compare to the songs where their leader is Gyuri…

  4. yagnehc كتب:

    fans care more about looks than talent.. not all but most of the fans are
    like that…

  5. David James Webb كتب:

    Nam Gyuri is perfect…now spam this if you want but im still gonna say
    it…she’s perfect coz she’s beautiful,kind,and got some awesome voice:))

  6. siumaihargow كتب:

    I heard that Gyuri had to sing some of Boram’s part because Boram had a
    breathing problem? I’m not sure if that’s the truth, but it sort of makes
    sense since they were originally ballad singers, so dancing while singing
    must have been a challenge for them. Maybe the other members had a higher
    breathing capacity so they were able to do it. But nevertheless, we know
    that Boram definitely can sing 🙂

  7. Whiiteyful كتب:

    Nam Gyuri always love and support u ^^

  8. hưng phúc كتب:

    she ask the company because she think she didnt get enough line . poor
    boram .

  9. caldevera كتب:

    is it just me, or Music Bank had a really big stage that day? It’s quite
    small now.

  10. Tablo0213 كتب:

    @caldevera yep KBS in general is cheap these days. All the broadcasters cut
    back a lot in budget (mostly the sets) in 2008, 2009 or so.

  11. hongdoable كتب:

    와 진짜 오랜만이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. kimdanecute16 كتب:

    i love nam gyu ri, she’s so beautiful,, 😀

  13. ash chrise كتب:

    nam gyuri looks like kwon yuri

  14. caldevera كتب:

    @hotokocoon yeah..that seems logical. too bad though,,cuz i like how big
    the stage is here.

  15. TheUniquelyfreaky كتب:

    Does anyone that the link to the back up dancer seizure? Anyone know the
    song they were lip-syncing during that time? I can’t find it.

  16. oldermvs كتب:

    @missmhie27 they have disbanded now the last single they promoted was 내겐 너무
    멋진 그대 just youtube it and the very last song they released was for an OST
    called Ghastly which was a collab between T-ara and Seeya.

  17. Chandelle de jesa كتب:

    nam gyu ri!!! you’re so very pretty.. hope that your group will visit our
    country.. philippines!!

  18. colorless كتب:

    LOL the other girl barely get any lines to sing, or maybe she’s just there
    for the group’s image?

  19. chunganglee كتب:

    nam gyu ri is soooo beautiful..

  20. thecoreofmyaddiction كتب:

    @07chandelle disband na sila =)

  21. Olivier OLW كتب:

    still don’t understand why gyuri did boram lines

  22. John Camania كتب:

    In stage Gyuri sang most of lines well as a leader she should have more
    lines.. -.- blame the management not gyuri.. besides they are already

  23. missmhie27 كتب:

    what is there latest song ?

  24. missmhie27 كتب:

    @oldermvs tnx 🙂

  25. Mistical Flames كتب:

    Stupid horny little boys…

  26. TheScoun16 كتب:


    Haven’t laughed at a YouTube video so hard in so long. 

  27. Austin Alexander كتب:

    Oh shit I forgot how to bark lol

  28. Terri Clark كتب:

    ahh ha ha ha wow 

  29. Selah McCalmon كتب:


  30. Riu6 كتب:

    You’re a horrible person… Subscribed… Keep it up lol

  31. Ian Moore كتب:


  32. liam train كتب:

    fucking sucks fag

  33. Dylan Crowther كتب:

    Lol so funny

  34. 8fer27 كتب:

    What software is that?

  35. AzY- Clan كتب:

    So fucking Good

  36. James Verville كتب:

    troll lol lol lol trollololol hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha

  37. TheBoyCrazies1 كتب:

    omg this is mildly disturbing!! xD so FUNNY

  38. edgar garcia كتب:


  39. gankaru24 كتب:

    He sounds 13…. And breathes really hard…… I find this highly
    disturbing 😛

  40. Ronny Mcnair كتب:

    Haha lol

  41. jd kunnert كتب:

    What song is that

  42. Bradley Johnson كتب:

    My penis is confused 🙁

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