LMFAO — مثير وأنا أعلم أنها مزحة

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25 تعليق على LMFAO — مثير وأنا أعلم أنها مزحة

  1. MusicalWrestling كتب:

    Your so brave, even with your little “disability” down there you still wore that

  2. MusicalWrestling كتب:

    @La0L1lAzn0r1g1nAl yup it’s Hongcouver

  3. Mikster7500 كتب:

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  4. skateerboiirep كتب:

    I heard LMFAO did a parody of this…

  5. ChishikiTojido كتب:

    i cried so hard this was fucken just gold LOL

  6. GiaDinh09AC كتب:

    Women like it =))

  7. k3l2p كتب:

    Isn’t this violating some kind of law? lol

  8. Newime كتب:

    Veryy funny!

    VERY few people would have the courage to do this at a mall or a train station.. 😉

  9. clfitness كتب:

    Very funny! :)

  10. whikor كتب:

    @hattabfun LOL.. you didnt deny it.. you wish you was da CHENGMAN.. 

  11. longzsta كتب:

    this is so fukn funny lol

  12. camille6052 كتب:

    awkward moment when your mom sees this..

  13. camille6052 كتب:

    this brings embarrassment to all the asian! ==’ lol jokes hahaha

  14. WillWongTV كتب:

    @La0L1lAzn0r1g1nAl did you realize Vancouver is like China?

  15. asspounderify كتب:

    this is what happens when you run out of content for YouTube….

  16. snoogaloo كتب:

    Wow he totally stuffed… Makes this not even funny. Junk flies when you hump like that and it just looks like a perfect mound… Pussy

  17. fowens22 كتب:

    Cute butt

  18. Jeebus0143 كتب:

    guy at 3:18 is SUPER JEALOUS. Want to punch his ass out, what a hater.

  19. dmdelisletnd كتب:

    i love how everyone is just laughing their asses off at this guy!!!!!

  20. hattabfun كتب:

    @whikor fuck off bitch !!

  21. VTTC03 كتب:

    oh men, you’re wonderful! What motivation made you do that? I really admire you. :-)). You sexy and I know you!

  22. awesomesauce59 كتب:

    i was going to do that, but then i took an arrow to the knee

  23. kianu725 كتب:

    @La0L1lAzn0r1g1nAl LOL it’s because this mall is an Asian mall xD I was there today, tons of Asians xD

  24. MixMeAdrink كتب:

    You got ballssss man, I’ll give you that. HAHA

  25. Aisling251 كتب:

    lol that guys face at 3:18!

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