IGDaily — غضب ثور! رامبو! الحمار الرفس! — 8/4/11

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www.youtube.com Click here to watch last week’s episode of ETC! ETC: Aqua Teen, Sandy Ass, and Dead Deer (S02E18) Welcome on back to ETC the show we slave over hot ovens for and you can’t even look us in the eye when we make love. Anywaaaaaay, this episode features Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Racists, Alan Wake, The Master, and paid Hulu. Aloha…. – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima twitter.com Inside Gaming twitter.com Machinima Respawn twitter.com Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture twitter.com FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com TAGS: ETC etcetera Entertainment Technology Culture Khail Anonymous yt:quality=high angelina jolie melee gibson braveheart hulu family guy always sunny in philidelphia 30 rock alan baldwin alexander NBC premium programming site sandra bullock black child nazi lover mario movie stars adopt baby wanted kristen stewart vampire twilight boy scouts video game badge renaissance faire alan wake bright falls what the jake game adaptions remedy aqua teen hunger force adultswim adult swim meatwad shake frylock

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50 Responses to IGDaily — غضب ثور! رامبو! الحمار الرفس! — 8/4/11

  1. Maragaretlopesk says:

    u can dl this-movie at megafire.org?pxwNh2 ¸

  2. ReefEntertainmentLtd says:

    Like us on Facebook to receive all the official updates for the forethcoming RAMBO GAME first :o) Search on Facebook for RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME

  3. apxclan13 says:

    No it’s rezurrection it was on the cod website

  4. 360TheaterOfPWN says:

    ill fuck a donkey if this goes top comment

  5. deniken96 says:

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  6. abrady987 says:

    @consultur The next expansion is Retaliation not Resurrection 

  7. callofvideo100 says:

    BAAAD PROGRAM !! i mean the dlc 4 of black ops is the best one and theres so much to talke about it but this guys are just joking about lame things and dont even thiscribe the rezurrection map pack good

  8. Strangerooms says:

    This new horror film called “STRANGE ROOMS” is very scary. Watch at strangerooms website if you are brave enough.  it’s about scary and strange haunting at one creepy apartment in Hollywood, CA. Get freaked out!

  9. dman3431 says:

    these guys make lame ass jokes. but i cant wait for the Rambo game.

  10. MrFox5160 says:

    @MrFox5160 And the Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society track at 6:57?

  11. MrFox5160 says:

    Does anyone know the Porter Robinson track that plays during the VERY end? (6:44)

  12. deathisahorizon1 says:

    @SonyoBonyo okay “first off” stop using the same thing your just like COD! and WHY THE FUCK AM I FIGHTING WITH A FUCKING QUEER PIE! bitch you know what imma let you feel all cool and mighty here on youtube cuz i think we all know your a fuckin tool in real life…
    ps. your mom gives good blowjobs

  13. SonyoBonyo says:

    @deathisahorizon1 ha, first off, kiddo? dude, im probably older than you, fuckin, fag. an second, its not “gay” history, its the reason your wrong, so if you wanna be a fucking asshole, an imagine your right, fine go ahead, jus know it makes you look like a fag to all of us, an for your information, i dont masturbate, sorry to break your hopes up stupid faggot

  14. deathisahorizon1 says:

    @SonyoBonyo i thumb’s up’d your comment cuz your A COMPLETE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , your gay and cant NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR GAY COD GAME HISTORY OKAY!! we all know you masterbait to call of shit but no need for a history lesson ‘kay kiddo! now go to your room and watch some spongebob

  15. Elvirth24 says:

    Guys? quit with the ancient stupid turf wars. You’re both retarded. Seriously.

  16. SonyoBonyo says:

    @deathisahorizon1 first off, im not a CoD fan boy, i prefer halo, an really? your only come back is to copy what i said? if your gonna fag around to waste my time, are you seriously saying that a ww2 shooter made in 2003 is the same as a game coming out this november, cause their both CoD games, yet, hmm.. oh thats right, their completely different things, stupid fuck, CoD changes plenty, an your one to talk, until bad company came along, battlefield was just a constant ww2 re run. fucktard

  17. TheSlayer23456 says:

    @412magic haha fuck you if u were dumb enough to believe it accept the factu were an idiot for believing it

  18. deathisahorizon1 says:


  19. deathisahorizon1 says:

    @SonyoBonyo man fuck you, YOUR probably too busy giving cod head that you dont notice that call of gayness is just the same thing over and over again but with different names and a different story line! damn cod fan boys.
    D:like this gay game cuz they like men

  20. SonyoBonyo says:

    @randothepally dude, no its not, CoD also changes, a lot, you probably jus spend to much time fan boying Battlefield that you dont notice

  21. 412magic says:

    @TheSlayer23456 fuck you guy btw i was

  22. 11ghostleader says:

    god why are the battlefield fanboys being dicks? cod fans seem to be saying that both games will good and the battlefield fans are saying that cod suck. as for me i have played all the past battlefield games and all the cod games and i think cod will be better

  23. JuanTon89 says:

    @ELTIGERBLOOD I can’t tell, were you trying to be ironic or are you really that dumb?

  24. ELTIGERBLOOD says:

    way to go COD fanboys. YOUR OFFICIALLY RETARDED.

  25. charlieahart says:

    COD is so lame.


    Obama is a racist prick

  27. ifawal says:

    Da da daaa

  28. anthony66363 says:

    Well put together Short Film

  29. sexykatie90 says:

    thumbs up if you like Aqua Teen, Sandy Ass, and Dead Deer

  30. sexykatie90 says:

    nice add me as a friend k

  31. lawtourman says:

    Cant wait to see more

  32. WheatThin55 says:

    The description made me laugh harder than the video.

  33. saumayable says:

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  34. tainaVangrsrp says:

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  37. xilix says:

    Youtube is worth like 800 batrizillion dollars yet their servers can crap put to the point where videos at 360p buffer every 8 seconds. This is not why I have 20mbit internet you cheap bastards.

  38. jgakpp says:


  39. ExoticLatinAss says:


  40. coolman9899 says:

    pause at 2:16 don’t ask why… JUST DO IT…

    like Tiger Woods :

  41. iDrew618 says:

    FACE…book and TWITTER…book.

  42. 1Adrenoline1 says:

    I love these info montages =D

  43. WolfLord3k says:

    EXSTENSIVE! 2:38

  44. BrAdEnSB666 says:

    whos the chick at 4:37

  45. RaggleFraggle14 says:

    cant find the face….book

  46. animenice says:

    “What are you listening to, right now, Meatwod?” “Hoobastank.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. lasthopeofearth says:

    You know that Boy Scout Merit Badge you talk about is actually a Cub Scout belt loop, but still. A lot of Boy Scouts see this as…how do I say it? USELESS!!! THERE SHOULD NEVER EVER BE A VIDEO GAME THING INVOLVED WITH SCOUTING!!! IT DOES NOT REALLY HELP SCOUTS IN HOW SCOUTING SHOULD HELP THEM WHAT SO EVER!!! I DECLARE THAT THIS BELT LOOP SHOULD BE BURNED…or melted…WHATEVER!!!!

  48. MobiusInfinity117 says:

    Thumbs up if you subscribe to misshannahminx for the boobies.

    LOL More power ETC and machinima!

  49. GODOFL337 says:

    fuck kristen stuart

  50. mangaman057 says:

    Those are cub scouts not boyscouts.

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