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Durarara!! DVD is available for pre-order!! www.durararausa.com Shizuo Heiwajima, also known as “the strongest man in Ikebukuro”, is a man who definitely relishes that title. Though he carries with him a high esteem, something is amiss. Lately he has been extremely short-tempered and does not know why. His senior partner, Tom Tanaka, will occasionally try to calm him down, and Celty is quite often found worrying over him. His short-temperedness also has everyone wondering what exactly is bugging him? He wanders throughout the city reflecting upon his past.

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25 تعليق على Durarara! — باد الحمار المتأنق

  1. TiNGE24 كتب:

    lol For some reason Izaya kind of pisses me off too xD

  2. BreXShizuo كتب:

    love you shiuz-kun! love you love you love.
    i get to watch you everyday, i got the durarara part 1 disc and watched the bas-ass dude episode over n over again

  3. sporetamer22 كتب:

    bitch ain’t got no head

  4. whijoh1 كتب:

    I hate violence too Shizu-chan ^-^

  5. HyPeRz911 كتب:

    OMG X D 12:47. BEST. LAUGH. EVER.

  6. HorrorRockGB كتب:

    whoa that is one bad ass dude haha

  7. TheWindLancer كتب:

    Izaya disliked this video

  8. EpicFaceNinjaJimmy12 كتب:


  9. EpicFaceNinjaJimmy12 كتب:

    ….So THAT is why Shizuo is beating up the green ranger! Johnny Yong Bosch was the green ranger! *Sarcasm alert* I am so smart! ^3^

  10. alyssakay347 كتب:

    Is Shinra just friends with everyone? No one seems to hate him…

  11. Kijion كتب:

    5:24 Baccano , darker than black great animes in a great anime?

  12. TylerOFWG كتب:

    Like if you searched “Ass”

  13. MonicaLee1995 كتب:

    He’s a pacifist…in a different way

  14. pupgirl60 كتب:

    Shizuo hates violence, this video says it all

  15. murderinvestigation1 كتب:

    I feel like killing. I don’t need a therapist.

  16. murderinvestigation1 كتب:


  17. murderinvestigation1 كتب:

    @Yumeirro Killing spree.

  18. murderinvestigation1 كتب:

    @1aundulxaldin The moral of the story is I’m going on a killing spree.

  19. murderinvestigation1 كتب:

    @OfficialBlackTrainer Go kill yourself please. PLEASE!!!!!

  20. OfficialBlackTrainer كتب:

    DARKER THAN BLACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 1aundulxaldin كتب:

    And the moral of today’s story is that the Black Ranger Izaya is a dick.

  22. KikyoLiu كتب:

    *throws lamp post and makes a reporter faint* “I hate violence!” lol, we love you Shizuo.

  23. MsNativeWolf كتب:

    BEHOLD!!! Shizuo facts!!

    -The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep Shizuo out. It failed miserably.

    -Shizuo’s office has no doors, only walls that he punches through

    -Shizuo is Chuck Norris…..anime style! :]

  24. theneenjah كتب:

    I’m confused as to what happened in this episode ._. Are Celty and Shizuo good friends?

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