HOT SEXY العيون العربية مع M & باري ماك يشكلون . FOR MAC & BARRY M SAMPLES
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25 تعليق على HOT SEXY العيون العربية مع M & باري ماك يشكلون

  1. bloomingclassics كتب:

    song used in film BOY A with Andrew Garfield!!

  2. SaoMicha كتب:

    I just need to tell you this: how hard you even try , you can have 5 kg makeup on your face , but I’ts only the natural beutiful eyes thats sexy ._.

  3. arabprincessss كتب:

    okay i am an Arab girl but sorry no matter how hard u try its not gonna work, cause u dont have the natural Arabic shape of the eyes which helps to make the make up shows pretty well!

  4. zvezdapadalica15 كتب:

    @robertjohnson487 Why does everything we do have to be ” for men”? You guys are so full of yourselves, its sad.

  5. noorveena كتب:

    you go girl 🙂

  6. riacocopops كتب:

    you have changed sooo much in the past years!
    wish my eyelashes were that long! x

  7. CerealKiller41 كتب:

    @jarilyn26 just shut up

  8. fanniezeigler كتب:

    Another very informative tutorial with a little bit of humor thrown in. Light and easy to follow, I like it. Keep it up. And girls, please have some dignity and stop with these personal attacks, she doesn’t deserve them.

    Gals, also check out my channel, I just added a video on how to quickly get a full M.A.C. makeup kit(with $100 worth of coupons) that includes brush cleaner, brush set, lash curler. I promise you, its worth 3 min of your time!

  9. ummesawdah كتب:

    @jarilyn26 you one hater..hating on everyones hard work!you even posted rude comments on ‘ The Mattie Roberts Show ‘ SADO

  10. vickyross كتب:

    One of the best Arabic Make Up Tutorials on YT, in my opninion 🙂

  11. tokiokoetai كتب:

    @jptrani its motherfu-cker gonna drop the pressure :)

  12. theboxinggreat كتب:

    more revealing arab girl pics/vids here … w w w tinyurl [dot] com/Buthainah

  13. a7ibnee كتب:

    pleses i want to put a make up and i have a small deep eyes ?? what shall i do ?

  14. MsValantena كتب:

    With out putting makeup on you will look nicer

  15. jptrani كتب:

    sworn, the song ” mothaf** gonna take the pressure”!
    correct if i m wrong haha

  16. MsUzzy17 كتب:

    i’ve seen all your tutorials – i have a wedding on the 10th and 11th april would you ever consider doing my makeup

  17. MsUzzy17 كتب:

    i’ve seen all your tutorials – i have a wedding on the 10th and 11th april would you ever consider doing my makeup

  18. MsMACmaniac كتب:


    Most cheaper make up commonly can look kind of fake like u are wearin a buncha cosmetics

    i kinda saw tons of girl cant spend the $ their make up lately since its so pricey 🙁
    One option is to try MACs giveaway this month…tonslotsa bunch!
    i will save u some time, here’s tha giveaway site.
    k an tha coupon for the last part is myspace32

  19. MichelIIePhan كتب:

    love the color of ur eyes!!hey where do you buy the eyelinerr
    I totallyyy agree that is like my fav perfume

    it sucks more and more gurls cant buy their cosmetics these days cuz its too expensive

    good news though learned today according to the MAC yt channel theyre giving away like a million dollars of freebies this week!
    its here just copy and past

    oh and, make sure to type FACEBOOK100 for the coupon code part on page 2


  20. anglean25 كتب:

    to make your hazel eyes look lighter you can use any eye shadow colour and put on eyeliner your eyes will look big and lighter

  21. 666Oecalan كتب:

    الْمَرْأَةُ الْجَمِيلَةُ الْمُجَرَّدَةُ مِنَ الْحِكْمَةِ كَخِزَامَةٍ مِنْ ذَهَبٍ فِي أَنْفِ خِنْزِيرَةٍ

  22. Starbright4876 كتب:


  23. 12yelley كتب:

    lol i love your tutorials^_^ there’s never a dull moment:) the make-up is not as complicated as it looks^_^ can u do more varities of these tutorials? thanks!

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