LMFAO — مثير وأنا أعلم أنه (مسؤول محاكاة ساخرة فيديو كليب) “تناول الطعام حتى ونحن رمي أعلى”

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  2. freearab8251 كتب:

    1:53 Icould see into his face that he will jump and make many breakdance skill

  3. freearab8251 كتب:

    1:55 I could see into his face that he will jump and make many breakdance skill

  4. uJELLObro كتب:

    Got a fry in my eye and i dont make sense what!!!!

  5. XxSilentMaJicxX كتب:

    why dont you have more subs

  6. bluefirewizz5463 كتب:

    That is kick ass

  7. IdentityTheft02 كتب:


  8. IdentityTheft02 كتب:

    i havent listened to this yet so we will see what happens

  9. AminoEGA كتب:



  10. shbolden99 كتب:

    Omfg.! I was lookin for tha real song..but this is good too.! xD I’m gunna go eat till I throw up.!

  11. Meowrofl كتب:

    This should be EpicMealTimes theme song xD

  12. Cassy58a كتب:

    This is not really funny but who cares. I’m hungrey for burgers

  13. AMDjnely1 كتب:

    omg das ist doof heit

  14. br2181 كتب:

    krank aber geil

  15. sankalpshukla13 كتب:

    Awesome :p

  16. Litlej0j0 كتب:


  17. Sibboist كتب:

    Best PArody

  18. izzylikepie كتب:

    *pickles* lol

  19. izzylikepie كتب:

    531 ppl clicked the rong button… WHO DOESN’T LIKE PICLES??

  20. Thebadger101101 كتب:

    Mmmmm burger!

  21. Megabeast567 كتب:

    Makes me wanna burger

  22. Megabeast567 كتب:

    Makes me a

  23. 123ilikepieful كتب:


  24. StarkBarracuda كتب:

    The video’s great but I think the reason why these kind of songs are annoying is because they focus way too much on their naggy voices.. the words are funny, but being clever yet retarded explains itself dude..

  25. fabianduarte10 كتب:

    This video makes me hunger

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