مفاجأة SEXY!

A girl comes on February 14th to find a surprise waiting for her in the bedroom… SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com Directed by Michael Gallagher www.youtube.com Written by Jason Horton www.youtube.com Starring Colleen Prietz www.youtube.com Jason Horton www.youtube.com Cinematography by Dave Eaton Gaffer / Sound Colin Pierce AC Rony KarKar Music Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod www.incompetech.com Special Thanks Lee Citron http This video was shot on the Canon 7D! WEBSITE: www.totallysketch.com Totally Sketch © 2010. All Rights Reserved.
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To follow all of Zuzana’s daily home workouts and diet tips visit her fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 تعليق على مفاجأة SEXY!

  1. Gerd357 كتب:

    So Who Else paused at 00:27

  2. 13Blaster31 كتب:

    what a slut

  3. Lizii123able كتب:

    Who runs like that?

  4. LadyseriousXD كتب:


  5. barkataliish كتب:


  6. rapeninasohot كتب:

    thumbs up for “D CUP” 😉

  7. shaylee1999smith كتب:


  8. GeeBerryx123 كتب:

    her feet r dirty at 0:17

  9. GeeBerryx123 كتب:

    her feet r dirty at 0:13

  10. 7not3 كتب:

    I find this comment easy to dislike

  11. BandiKurt3636 كتب:

    @23MK07  okay? lol

  12. idkmaster231 كتب:

    I think she should be a pornstar.

  13. MrRandommanlol كتب:

    ahahah i am on my 3ds :]

  14. xBoomHeadshot1x كتب:

    i find this easy to masturbate to

  15. liais كتب:

    LMAO. freak.

  16. canaryimpulse989 كتب:

    Dude, I’m no pervasive, but did YOU SEE THOSE TITS?!

  17. jwhyhalo456 كتب:

    Pause at 0:27 and let the staring begin 🙂

  18. Asia9541 كتب:

    Wjay bchvfhbfhv function inky

  19. 55Meshoo كتب:

    thumbs up if u searched: youtube

  20. ImAloneForEternity كتب:

    @Singamajigfan200 i didn’t say they all were, i just said most hot girls are straight, don’t twist my words.

  21. Singamajigfan200 كتب:

    @ImAloneForEternity Id like to say as a straight girl, that most straight girls are not that hot.

  22. ImAloneForEternity كتب:

    damn, i’m a lesbian, n i so wish that it wasn’t mostly straight girls that’re that freakin hot.

  23. rockandroll100ful كتب:

    @TheAirSoftDude45 i always get a boner and in the end it is like puff it’s gone

  24. theawesomebeliever كتب:

    That chick was HAWT!

  25. WeekendattheCabin1 كتب:

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  26. aleambrosioful كتب:

    I was wondering..are you back in Kingston??

  27. eduard715 كتب:

    I love her she know how to do exercise

  28. rimururu87 كتب:

    @lemondropsforever how did u change ur diet??
    wat did u eat?
    ive always wanted to chage my eating habit..but i cant!
    ur an inspiration..thank u

  29. xoBeautySparkzxo كتب:

    she has the BEST abs on a woman EVER!
    Zuzana, you should totally be an action figure for movies!

  30. BrokenToy150 كتب:

    I Have been body building for a year now and started using your workouts for my warm ups and on my cardio days. Man these workouts take alot of energy and have help me with my toning.
    For all the poeple out there that want to have a buff and ripped looking body, mix these workouts in with your weight training.

  31. bluewhiting كتب:

    I’ve never wanted to be a stopwatch so much in my life!!!!! Fantastick physique, you are obviously one very dedicated woman.

  32. HoolaHonoluluHoney كتب:


    Thanks for explaning all the excercises. It helps me better understand what muscle group I’m targeting.

  33. loritaluv1120 كتب:

    the first part is steps ???!?!??!

  34. hanynits4621 كتب:

    when your doing it with the help of the chair i thot the second time you say the tip on how you can do it.. you will say like this… IF THIS IS STILL REALLY HARD THEN JUST GO BACK IN YOUR BED AGAIN.. LOL…

  35. MegaFATBOYSLIM كتب:

    wow your hot!

  36. lemondropsforever كتب:

    Thankyou for sharing these videos! I’ve changed my diet to eating healthy and started interval training exactly a week ago and I’ve lost 6 1/2 lbs! I feel amazing and just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and workout ideas!

  37. skateslide كتب:

    you are from czech.. i know it :D

  38. key2kingdom كتب:

    Awesome! makes me tired just watching you.

  39. JotaP93 كتب:

    youre sexy

  40. MRburitz كتب:

    you have Bruce Lee’s body, but u got more boobs than him obviously. Congrats.

  41. chareeseN كتب:

    these workouts are very advanced!!!!!! whoaaaa

  42. ItsDamianLOL كتب:

    I liked what you did @ 1:09. I’m going to incorporate that into my routines as well. (marathon runner)

  43. artali1 كتب:

    I love your videos! <3
    But please, make your website work with Oprah, not just firefox and explorer. Make my wish come true! 🙂

    Looking forward to your next video.

    Looking good girl!

    Amanda (sweden)

  44. tori02baby كتب:

    where do you get your workout clothes from?

  45. calios1 كتب:

    Single leg squats to jump, switching legs…crikey…that’s tough…very very good going..

  46. calios1 كتب:

    single leg jump squats…ouch…very nice going.

  47. ParkLeeNa كتب:

    The explaining portion is very very very good. You explain so clearly. You are everything a trainer should be. Informative, an inspiration, motivating, and very fit yourself.

  48. ValLovesDenis كتب:

    I love it when you explain the exercises! You should do it all the time it helps a lot!

  49. justicepenny كتب:

    she has indian accent…hmmm i rrove curry chicken

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