CoDMW3 — في نهاية المطاف الإمتصاص العاص البندقية — —

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50 Responses to CoDMW3 — في نهاية المطاف الإمتصاص العاص البندقية

  1. BogusGrunt says:

    @lillefib **Bouncing** bettys bounce up before they blow up so you can dodge them by going prone.

  2. XxWhIpLaSh18xX says:

    @xcalizorz why dont you zoom in while in the reaper?

  3. lillefib says:

    6:48 why does the betty doesn´t kill you?:o

  4. ModernWafrfare2Inter says:

    I have the USAS in Lv 25 and its pretty good, though ive had my rages to use a ump/dildo gun but i made my prestige now a shotgun only soo, The USAS, its decent even without damage, you can get a 2KD quite easily without camping go try it

  5. SparzaBeast says:

    usas was so much easier to get damage than the spas and ksg, fot me

  6. saintdan187 says:

    haha the funny thing is it sucks without damage but when you get damage its the second best shotgun

  7. ProductOfFallout says:

    @zohanthecspro how? at point black center mass its a 2 shot kill pre range ext mags, so yeah youre going to die alot, why do you think its called a grind, its why im not using any shot gun minus spaz and striker til i decide im going to stop prestiging, cuz if i get ext mags on the aa12 or the usas im not doing it again

  8. toadftw23 says:

    you know that the usas is full auto right?

  9. royalal says:

    Ha ha that guy is such a tool.

  10. zohanthecspro says:

    Accept that you’re gonna die a lot? That sounds like a noob’s reasoning to me.

  11. ZOMGwtfLMAOfail says:

    The model 1887 is my favorite shotgun! You just have to except that you’re gonna die a lot, and the kills are rewarding. No I’m not terrible, I grinded out damage for it, the spas, aa12, and the striker, but I still like the 1887 for some reason.

  12. skatecrezy714 says:

    I just understooood noticed that ultimate suck ass shot gun + USAS of initials LOL

  13. mauwiewauwieeeee says:

    @sigalig i smoke and 420 in the clan tag is for stupid underage kids who wanna look cool.

  14. TryHardFace says:

    @LazyJoe335 you shoot more bullets when you have ext mags on

  15. TehSilencerzz says:

    @starsixsix The range didn’t help me abit. II got it with damage now, and its not bad.

  16. XxAngelxXNukes says:

    Anyone else feel like rushing smgs after this?

  17. starsixsix says:

    @TehSilencerzz It’s not shitty, it’s just different from other shottys.

    You have to be very precise with the KSG-12 to get oneshot kills

    The grind for range and damage were very hard, but it was worth it.

  18. TehSilencerzz says:

    @guitarsANDcars39 True that.

  19. LazyJoe335 says:

    Um… whats the extended mags glitch??

  20. guitarsANDcars39 says:

    @TehSilencerzz the gun is shitty but he doesn’t show the worst gameplay of that particular gun

  21. TehSilencerzz says:

    KSG 12 is the suckiest thing ever. I am leveling it up now. Why are you always saying a gun is shitty, and then owning shit with it.

  22. FluttershyOnline says:

    cant believe they are patching the shotguns and removing the extended mag “glitch”. It was torture earning extended mags and range for the ksg. I think I deserve something that can kill close range 1 shot.

  23. TheMasterk1lla says:

    yo that was funny,killed that fanboy

  24. jamesjanwelch says:

    two fucking reapers in one game. jesus christ i barley get two fucking uavs each round.

  25. guitarsANDcars39 says:

    @bradhhaan WHY DON’T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP? YOU’RE THE REAL DUMBASS HERE. real life the shotguns have range BUT NOT ASSAULT RIFLE RANGE. ALL IM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT SHOTGUNS IN THIS GAME IS TOO WEAK. fuck man you need to chill out. “why don’t you think before you speak so you don’t look like a dumb ass” WHY DON’T YOU KISS MY ASS? its a free country. i can do whatever the fuck i want

  26. bulletproof793 says:

    if you want to preserve coal then just make charcoal by putting coal and wood in the furnace and it will take one coal to make 8 pieces charcoal and charcoa burns

  27. xHDsKiLLzz says:

    12:48 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIAMONDS

  28. Jsnake5 says:

    Spit out the rest @ 8:20 hahahaha

  29. liam1751 says:

    @jhunt123456 he didnt

  30. jhunt123456 says:

    @jaredhawkglade he saw those diamonds you moron… that’s why he said “oh seen it seen it” and then like 5 fucking seconds later went and mined it. Do you really fucking pause the video as soon as you see diamond just to write a comment without waiting to see if he actually saw it himself?

  31. jhunt123456 says:

    i died a little inside when you fell in the lava and lost all the stuff, sorry mate

  32. jaredhawkglade says:

    @albozrue i figured tht out after i posted tht lol

  33. albozru1e says:

    @jaredhawkglade on syndicatecentral there was a video of syndicate finding out he missed that spot and another fan told him about it so he knows he missed it

  34. CALLOFDUTYisBAD01 says:

    u lucky fucking cunt hahaha

  35. jaredhawkglade says:

    @Gansherx oh now ik lol.

  36. jaredhawkglade says:

    @Gansherx ok,idk..but what did i say?icant find the comment lol

  37. Gansherx says:

    @jaredhawkglade me too, who’s with us?

  38. hihihihihi13579 says:


  39. hihihihihi13579 says:


  40. flameballification says:

    @jaredhawkglade hahaha :DDD

  41. gabogzalez says:

    12:18 DIamond Diamond

  42. ImStr8AD says:

    syndicate there is diamond at 11:00 pause and look stright up

  43. jaredhawkglade says:

    Syndicate! Diamond! Diamond! tow of em in plain sight when you looked up to put the water on lava! 12:48! pause and look at the top right!

  44. jaredhawkglade says:

    @flameballification if i could, i would thumbs up that comment til my finger came off :D

  45. flameballification says:

    ugh why is Syndicate soooo awesome!?! i mean i cant decide which of his series to watch! ;) keep up the awesome work Syndicate, its much appreciated :)))

  46. deadpan2297 says:


  47. thegreendude11 says:

    i see you’ve heard of queen syndicate.

  48. LethalxSoccer says:

    you should do a castaway video. thats what im dong and have found diamonds!!

  49. MrSyndiCake says:


  50. ARxXGamerz says:

    I AM Listening To A Song but i was ment to watch Minecraft

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