TheSacconeJolys — HOT GIRL يلتقي مرحبا كيتي

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I’m going to gut you like a cornish game hen. Trust me, when I’m not trying to get footage for a video like this one, I die a lot less frequently…well, slightly less. The song is called “Beach Parade.” End credits song: Thank you Halolz for getting this viral train a-rollin’.

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50 Responses to TheSacconeJolys — HOT GIRL يلتقي مرحبا كيتي

  1. tylerdurbin86 says:

    Damn, this makes me want to go to HornyHabits com!! LOL!

  2. beckysauce02 says:

    hey, look at this.. justin bieber exclusive viddeo that i placed on my channel

  3. roccop913 says:

    Ur funny!!!I was watching cuz I <3 looove hello Kitty and here u are lol

  4. purplelucy15 says:

    awww Jofus idk why but at 5:16 you look so adorable it may be ur eyes lol and u should spike up ur hair a little it looks good on u :) just a thought omg Anna you can hear it lol

  5. heidiheidi0 says:

    I know where the care is but that’s because i’m the one drviing it. lol

  6. preservid says:

    Oh Anna The hello kitty car is perfect for you!

  7. wholemilk89 says:

    I am really starting to like you new hair color a lot!

  8. shopoholic329 says:

    im from nothern ireland and i feel for the people down south . Hope the economy gets better, and i understand why all the people hate brian cowen. im so glad he has resigned i think hes made ireland face the most awful economic crisis ever !! jonathan for taoiseach !

  9. monte4321 says:

    Why haven’t you included Sina in your intro yet?

  10. malagosia88 says:

    i was laughing when anna tied to find your car :) it’s so adorable

  11. Pippinkpip says:

    Another great video! Where did you get your rug from in your lounge?

  12. veronicamaloney says:

    i was laughing so hard when anna was cutting your hair jonathan. your facial expressions are so laughable :)

  13. Jelas354 says:

    no reality!! <3

  14. vegibethi says:

    poor albi!!! Thank you for the tesco part!!! my favorite

  15. vegibethi says:

    poor albi!!!

  16. 4theluvofmakeup says:

    My husband says not being able to find the car is a ‘woman thing’. Lol. I have to agree.

  17. jennb102 says:

    this is my favorite part of the day!

  18. Aoifxxx says:

    @JustAPhase19 haha, im about 5 months away from a history (major) and politics degree and i couldnt care less about the current situation! :)

  19. littleointment says:

    the title kills me omg baha

  20. fashionholicable says:

    I wish this was longer! we ddint get to see the dogs much~

  21. Lodol1 says:

    i work in the government sector…and love anything government, economics..and i watch your vlog..:))

  22. 12trc says:

    Lol I never know where my car is and I’m the driver… At times I have to keep pressing the button on the control

  23. annaodonoghue says:

    OMG i sooooo wear “Im on the style diet t-shirt!!!”

  24. charliebfmv says:

    OMGG I am soo tired this week I don’t know what it is something in the air haha !!JOFUs you would be brilliant as the leader hahah I would be soo sad if we didn’t see you guys OFF TO TESCO each day hhahaha

  25. cookiestart14 says:

    … cause youre amazinggggg just the way youuu arrrrrrre :)♥

  26. bestplugins says:

    @Smiley100000 If you use this in real war… you win

  27. bestplugins says:

    Its easy to backstab a player with busy hands :)

  28. ForgeMyLife says:

    @Drake123V It not worth anywhere near a game. Well anything under 15 dollars which pretty much means no good games. I’ve sold one for 7 keys.

  29. jackfudo0 says:

    thats nothing tjee was a full nude poc on tf2

  30. AcTivESkaTeR14 says:


    Thats a good one >:O

  31. mes0gots0its says:

    Holy crap I’m the Soldier at 1:12! I actually remember that! :D

  32. shockermethod says:

    12 years later and people still bait using sprays! I love it!

  33. Evilwolf95 says:

    @NibTV1 Keeley Hazell

  34. Samaugsch says:

    @b34113411 That’s not a bad idea. All you need to do is find someone dumb enough for it to work on without using a disguise (which, come to think of it, should be pretty damn easy).

  35. Samaugsch says:

    @oiramldx I remember when an engineer on my team did just that. We were doing payload and you know how as you get closer to pushing the cart to the final checkpoint as the BLU team, you get to respawn to a closer saferoom when you die? Well, this one engineer made a teleporter system that started from that saferoom and teleported you to the very beginning. I’m dead serious.

  36. Drake123V says:


  37. rogerexplosion says:


  38. NibTV1 says:

    Lucy Pinder Right?

  39. 100BabiesOnRs says:

    Omfg so smart :p

  40. PyroDesu says:

    Shmuck bait.

    That’s all there is to say about it.

  41. mcFreaki says:

    that’s a cheap tactic… and a work of genius- I salute you and flip you the bird at the same time.

  42. random8711 says:

    lol haha that was funny…lawl i think i almost broke the keyboard laughing(SlappyHands from Waterboy style kinda)

  43. MrStone125 says:

    there’s no hacking

  44. MrZboy44 says:

    god i hate hackkers

  45. oiramldx says:

    I thought griefing meant trolling your own team.

  46. greendragons44 says:

    “You’re doing whatnow?”

  47. mastermind9113 says:

    @TFBRO Wow, u clearly clearly have a sense of humor.

  48. Arjahn767 says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of this map?

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  50. joshua199628 says:

    how u do it bro?

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