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25 تعليق على HOT GIRL كريم سياط

  1. Shainalynn101 كتب:

    Watch me whip some cream;)

  2. 8888JME كتب:

    love LeloofTV’s videos 🙂 they r fun to watch

  3. Red888Rose كتب:

    @hmmmmm1988 No. She’s just trying to cheer him up.

  4. MrBlueops كتب:


  5. MrBlueops كتب:


  6. isisorchid كتب:

    I don’t think she’s mean at all to him. I think she knows how to bring her husband out of a funk like a good wife would. She might be irritating to YOU but it’s obvious Jonathan loves her and appreciates her personality. He gives her shit all the time too. They have a quirky, sweet bond. Leave her alone people, you all should know by now how sensitive she is and how protective of her Jonathan is.

  7. grilania كتب:

    it seems to me that albi is more like jofus and sina is similar to anna in character,it’s kinda funny

  8. stretchyourpeanut كتب:

    does albi only have one eye?

  9. nepheliad كتب:

    Jonathan, you should write music for videos games!

  10. MichaelSpeaks كتب:

    Give ’em hell Anna! Don’t let grumpy ol JoFus get away with having a bad day! LOL. I love the interaction you have with him when he’s grumpy. To me, it seems to make him smile and have a better day! Love ya both….. Now to continue my viewing marathon of the sacconejolys since I’ve been away! CHEERS!

  11. NessaLee23 كتب:

    Oh that drive was really cool!! I liked it 🙂 and the song! You guys should for sure do that more often lol this was such a cute, funny video, as always! Love you guys!!

  12. 52lovelight كتب:

    Ohhh, the puppies are so cute in Jonathin’s jacket!!!!! Love the music to the driving! Anna, I just got flat shoes that match your sweater, at Forever 21! The pups are so cute licking the beaters!!!! Love Mama Style Diet’s green placemats and yellow dishes! Anna is that Golden Grahams in that basket? HEE HEE

  13. RunnerAAA كتب:

    @xILoveGlitter if my English was as* bad as your* German

  14. RunnerAAA كتب:

    @xILoveGlitter if my English was as* bad as your* German

  15. RunnerAAA كتب:

    @xILoveGlitter if my English was as* bad as your* German

  16. RunnerAAA كتب:

    @xILoveGlitter if my English was as* bad as your* German

  17. raauuwwr كتب:

    Jonathan I love the music you put in the videos! If it’s you who compose it all you’re really good n talented! 😀

  18. xILoveGlitter كتب:

    Gosh. If my English was so bad as you German, i wouldn´t talk at all. LOL …

  19. MsCharlotte456 كتب:

    hahaha :p we learned those german sentences in school :p
    ” denn weg fragen” :p

  20. LoLoBearLeo كتب:

    @hmmmmm1988 This is actually good to know 🙂 still love my soy but I”ll try others as well!

  21. Sandfr88 كتب:

    @hmmmmm1988 i actually think she’s trying to make him laugh and take him out of his bad mood.

  22. mimimiumiu006 كتب:

    @mcarreno3 well they’re husband and wife and they would know each other better then anyone. she was just kidding around, but let’s just agree to disagree because i’m getting sick of this convo already, let’s watch the other vloggities 🙂 !

  23. toogietteLTD كتب:

    The other yoghurt is fat free!

  24. teenqueen786 كتب:

    all that driving made my eyes tired LOL 

  25. straciatellabaer كتب:

    münchen is so far away from me

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