Surisan ، أين كنت ذهب HOT الرقص نادي ريميكس

Surisan- Where Have You Gone Dance Club Remix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

By2 Twins. Love the oufit. Songs: Get To Know Me – Joe feat. Nas Shut Up And Drive – Rihanna Scream – Michael Jackson We ‘Bout To Blow – DMX feat. Big Stan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 تعليق على Surisan ، أين كنت ذهب HOT الرقص نادي ريميكس

  1. cristy4evr كتب:

    who hooo good music i like it…

  2. trinhdallas08 كتب:

    Yup,,,, -3 it

  3. antlil76 كتب:

    yeah great song!

  4. BILLYJOE957 كتب:


  5. Ablemete كتب:

    great song

  6. xXXSLK200AMGXXx كتب:

    what is the song at 8:58?

  7. xXXSLK200AMGXXx كتب:

    what is the last song?

  8. daovinhngoc كتب:

    thumb up! a familiar track for the beat

  9. BabyBoyLinh كتب:

    wa’ hay:))

  10. BabyBoyLinh كتب:


  11. kubo18111993 كتب:

    so good :)

  12. CRC2225 كتب:

    LOUD MUSIC…!!!

  13. 79summer كتب:

    Not a bad version! 😉

  14. thaison91hp كتب:

    hay quá đj mất thôi.phê cứ gọi là =))

  15. minhkhanh114 كتب:

    @AiRY1993 google !

  16. AiRY1993 كتب:

    how to download this video or mp3???

  17. QuangXinh كتب:

    Where…..have you gone…..
    Just tell me when where have you gone

  18. zeeshan23000 كتب:

    veery nice sweet kut and best vedios ok BEAUTY FULL COMENTS ZEESHAN 0092 3009062300 PAKISTAN CONTRY

  19. kmarty290 كتب:

    good dance moves, but kinda creepy cuz theyre doing boody poppin moves and they look like theyre twelve….. :/

  20. deathloid كتب:

    @princesscutiie Get To Know Me – Joe feat. Nas
    Shut Up And Drive – Rihanna
    Scream – Michael Jackson
    We ‘Bout To Blow – DMX feat. Big Stan

  21. deathloid كتب:

    @philippinesist We ‘Bout To Blow – DMX feat. Big Stan

  22. kvaful كتب:

    amazing dance moves…but eat a fucking sandwich once in awhile 

  23. princesscutiie كتب:

    hey , wats the songs tt they danced to ?

  24. cheesebitz كتب:

    I wish i could dance like that >o<

  25. philippinesist كتب:

    what’s the title of the last song?

  26. 2sean123 كتب:

    damm girl

  27. monkeysgorawr97 كتب:


  28. soshifield كتب:

    i really love this twin they are so awesome^^
    cool dances^^

  29. jenemcmunnss كتب:

    This is greatest for you ** **

  30. FullMoonAni كتب:

    how do they keep their knee high socks up when theyre dancing??? mine never stays up even when im walkin!! :O

  31. Louisling100 كتب:

    Who can teach me dis dance?

  32. xXAsianMrClean214Xx كتب:

    the 16 ppl that dislike this must’ve been jealous 😛

  33. Animame1 كتب:


  34. shontelle119 كتب:

    So SKINNY~!

  35. minetminet كتب:

    Whats the name of the first song?

  36. ItsLeslieBxtch كتب:

    Goodnesssss, they can dance reallyreallyreally good,! Haha. I would be jealous, but they’re waaaay too skinny… It looks kinda nasty. /: Just sayin’. They’re pretty though! Lmao.

  37. tommy8356 كتب:

    挖 By2ㄟ

  38. wonderteen14 كتب:

    U two are very skinny 0.0 be careful
    nice dance move XD

  39. MegaSupergirl13 كتب:

    Cool =))

  40. justdancegame كتب:

    Nice moves! You have a lot of energy that comes across! Join the Just Dance Talent Search to enter for a chance to get your moves in the next Just Dance video game and win a trip to Paris.

  41. Fan0uchkiiSan كتب:

    What is the name of these songs ?

  42. Etonnantebeaute كتب:

    @stephd423 lmfao

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