TheSacconeJolys — كيفية المشي مثل فتاة HOT

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Song: The Glass of Fashion by Galt Aureus (get it on iTunes – ) Visit to hear more! Mission: Transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Cost to make this a reality: Hair Color – 0 Makeup – 0 Nose Job – 00 Chin Reshape – 00 Braces – 00 Total – 200
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 Responses to TheSacconeJolys — كيفية المشي مثل فتاة HOT

  1. fuwwe2 says:

    my Maltese likes carrots and bananas..

  2. librakitten16 says:

    I love the cute little voices you do for Sina and Albie :)

  3. laurull1 says:

    you should buy some iced gems as your munch and crunch
    99 calories per pack and something like 0.4 grams of fat :)

  4. TheMissnatalie1001 says:


  5. makeupmermaid16 says:

    LOVE the new intro!!!!

  6. KristanEdwards says:

    Cook the rice with the lid on, it makes it soft and fluffy! :)

  7. TheDavidNolanChannel says:

    @missivory93 Havent watched it before until today and on conclusion of watching i deducted that i shall express my unsatisfactory through the medium of internet , where everyone’s opinions are expressed , discussed and criticised in a constructive manner. Fair enough , right?

  8. LilMissMcGirl says:

    brown and white rice are just as healthy as each other!!

  9. LilMissMcGirl says:

    wheres erica in the new intro ?? it’s a good one tho

  10. ievochca says:

    you look slimmer jofus

  11. sn0rkelz says:

    the human league – human

  12. missivory93 says:

    @TheDavidNolanChannel why watch the vlog then?

  13. TheDavidNolanChannel says:

    Oh my god i hate this guy!

  14. hooking2000 says:


  15. citychick909 says:

    frozen brown rice is the best, and easy!

  16. rinabell83 says:

    I died when you were in Tesco, and Anna had the shirt … Too funny, too funny!

  17. TheMzJewels says:

    Love your new intro with pictures:)

  18. doreal says:

    Human League. And where you going to say, sex and lust. No Jofus. Bad bad boy. ; )

  19. charliebfmv says:

    hahahahaah ! We have take me out in the u.k its with paddy mcguinness its soo bloody funny !! ” NO LIKEY, NO LIGHTY” !!

  20. 9528689 says:

    @BlaithinXO Yes it’s fine to let your dog kiss you but it’s not without risks. One example is leptospirosis. It comes from dogs drinking water outside that other animals could have gone to the bathroom in. We have seen from their videos they let the dogs drink from a puddle or stream? We have also seen that there are numerous dogs where they walk theirs. Dogs can transmit it to humans. In fact they have found an increase in the number of cases in Ireland….Just something to consider

  21. holasierra95 says:

    Yo kiss Sina more then yo Kiss Jonathan, LMAO

  22. Bellabambina123 says:

    They have the show Take Me Out in the UK as well.

  23. Tidtabell87 says:

    Puppy bites cos her tooth´s are itchy. =)

  24. angelface14363703 says:

    anna found the best treats for the puppies, if you feed them veggies like that they stop or cut back on chewing on other things and digging. I had to learn that to, my dog would big the biggest holes in the back yard , but veggies stopped the digging

  25. angelface14363703 says:

    @judijammie they proved that their mouth is about the same as ours, but either way, I just know what they lick and its just nasty to think of.

  26. YoAmoElColorPurple24 says:

    The power of editing! N she was pretty b4 anyway

  27. Allibangbang says:

    That girl you called ugly? Well shes effing gorgeous! Before all the editing!

  28. andersonaneesa says:

    she looked perfect the way she was nd wayy more friendlier

  29. lydia4848 says:

    i wonder how people feel when other people photoshop them…

  30. eminemwtd says:

    shes ugly again :)

  31. spyda264 says:

    Thatz cool man. or woman??

  32. jafgamin says:

    wow that is amazing. how did he do that?

  33. SaitCutie says:

    she is still ugly at the end. her chin is far tooo big and her hairline is still horrible her teeth still stuck, and her eye brows went unplucked and are still too low on her forehead coulda done wayyyy more.

  34. TheLovingOnes says:

    K, enough with the hate, that’s actually REALLY good editing. That takes LOTS of work. I give the person who did this a lot of credit.

  35. SummerTreats99 says:

    She wasn’t ugly. But, whoever that girl is.. if she ever saw this video.. I don’t know what she would think …………….

  36. tdot06 says:

    So umm theres only one way for any guy to make her look good…ALCOHOL and beer goggles haha

  37. djmvfamily says:

    So…u turned a pretty girl to some messed up vampire version of barbie?

  38. WorldDCorporation says:

    I did a better job at fixing her up in the 7th grade.

  39. TaraColleenn says:

    Plus Idk why everyone is giving him such a hard time people in REAL life get plastic surgery all the time(:

  40. TaraColleenn says:

    I think all the people that say she looks beautiful before are probably just as ugly. But in all reality you don’t have to be beautiful to be beautiful on the inside(:

  41. Sugarrush1250 says:

    Say Selna Gomez 5 times
    Clap 2 times
    Post to another video
    Check your voice

  42. Never2late4beauty says:

    @pinkmagnet31 I agree Pink. and this video does give me confirmation that photoshop can change anything. How many adverts are misleading because of such digital changes.

  43. JESSEYBEEMIC says:

    thats was quite good but think about the persons feelings before just getting a picture because she will be upset

  44. pinkmagnet31 says:

    @ photoshopsurgeon She was very beautiful before! You’re the one who’s ugly, you have no respect for another person’s feelings, if you can’t be nice then shut the fuck up! Oh and one more thing pls do one of you, and let’s all rate how ugly you were before your makeover! Maybe if it’s done to you then you might think twice before calling some other child ugly! What a dumbass!

  45. crabzjr says:

    you know whats funny i have a friend on facebook she looks just like this girl in this picture. All you people saying she was beautiful before,please stop telling lies cause she’s gross!!

  46. moralreef says:

    hahahahahahahaha what the fuck have i clicked on

  47. sayhi87 says:

    @littlesheep11 no all! I look pretty hot still when I just wake up!…:D

  48. theakmusikfreak1 says:

    Facebook pic!

  49. black90sun says:

    like is ugly duckling sent you here

  50. PrinceJoshTheGreat says:

    lets be honest. she was ugly as frickin balls before this photoshop thing.

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