مضحك السخافات عشوائية 5 ، حقائق مثيرة وساخنة فتاة

Random Funny Stuff 5, Interesting Facts & A Hot Girl A collection of random funny stuff;these are random funny facts or interesting random facts. Some are weird random facts about stuff and some are random and useless facts about stuff, stupid facts, trivia & stupid stuff and fun stuff or fun facts. This is by Amy the Hot Facts Girls or Fun Facts Girl. www.youtube.com www.funfactsgirls.com http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar www.jimmyg.us http youtube.com Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved

In this episode Colleen and Matt use the age old tactic of the pivot. The Pivot is essentially using a girl to give you an in. This works because the Pivot builds up trust with the Target, and when the guy approaches the girl feels less threatened. To pull it off the timing must be right, and the girls have to be vibing. Let’s see how it went for Colleen & Matt. www.digitsshow.com Subscribe www.youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com Tweet-tweet: twitter.com Myspace: www.myspace.com Declassified: www.youtube.com DiGiTS is a web tv show about what it takes to get a girl’s number. Follow us around NYC to see what it takes to get a set of DiGiTS. Each episode tries out a new pick-up tactic or challenge. While we don’t claim to be PUAs, practice the ‘Mystery Method’, or wearing smoking jackets like Hef, our hope is that DiGiTS is entertaining and will inspire you to have no fear when approaching the ladies.

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  1. MrGmg0wns كتب:


  2. rex4xxx كتب:

    i love listening to this girl

  3. Dboi0623 كتب:

    Fact: I watched it just for her rack!! Ha ha

  4. BeastyBruce كتب:

    That’s awesome that u give strang facts helps me out thnx for the info

  5. Leecop1000 كتب:

    All lizards have to dicks I have them I no

  6. ThomasTheAlleyCat كتب:

    Choclate kills dogs? Nice to know :-)

  7. ThomasTheAlleyCat كتب:

    If you love choclate then you love to fuck, because theres a chemical in there thats an aphrodisiac

  8. shabba1966 كتب:

    If you listen really carefully it sounds like there is a girl talking.

  9. cbarsonfire كتب:


    LOL. More than once.

  10. Nindrumdo كتب:

    Fact 6 is a fat load of shit.

  11. osonazul1 كتب:

    some dolls have a human face, but they look like animals or ETs’.  Do they still sell them?

  12. osonazul1 كتب:

    I have one penis, but it counts for 2, wanna see blondy?

  13. Linguine103 كتب:

    swell some are interesting, but not quite funny

  14. michailjovi كتب:

    gotta lick that sole on 1:20

  15. penseremos كتب:

    you want to know why a female masqito bites and the male one doesnot is because the female is a bitch. srry for language.

  16. trbossdoggy كتب:

    1:40 one of them is for your pussy,other one for anal

  17. t0talChubby كتب:

    @hotfactsgirls did u know that girls belong in the kitchen?

  18. livingwire كتب:

    ducks quack doesn’t echo a.k.a. bullshit =D

  19. aaronoddie كتب:

    Here’s a fact. Your hitch so you should do ur next video without any clothes on.

  20. HyMxR كتب:

    @HighmesSs she likes this

  21. mysterymediacorp كتب:

    here’s one for ya’…what is the only animal that never sleeps ?

  22. JamesBondinification كتب:

    would u love to lick my chocolate?

  23. bicuspidfish كتب:

    The jails are full of wrongly accused koalas…:(

  24. 612kris651 كتب:

    Bitch was hot and got tits but that shit was boring as hell

  25. MrJodu كتب:

    I love the way you wear.

  26. bbbbbb222222 كتب:

    haha what a piece of shit, you think you are the big shit because a friend of yours got a girls number? hahaha. how fucking retarded can this idiots get?

  27. dubrovnik10 كتب:

    u hit on fucking ugly girls, dogs to be more excat bring fabricio back

  28. paranoid492 كتب:

    awww connection =))))))

  29. Dracon600 كتب:

    @jfamjizzyjae lol so true

  30. mikey190465 كتب:

    i’d be going for the host. wtf

  31. jfamjizzyjae كتب:

    what kind of man are you to use a winggirl to get another girl…hell ye this aint even genious this is bullshit..come on this aint even awesome this is for losers…

  32. Darathath كتب:

    i want that one XD

  33. zellfalcon31 كتب:

    Pause at 2:00 minutes. lol the real digits he wants.

  34. johncfl كتب:

    Of course this would work — a no brainer — BUT — 1st off how could he pick her out if she is wearing huge shades! You can never see someone when they are wearing sunglasses — AND what’s with those ugly glasses Coleen — what are they about. Moreover, who in hell has a hottie handy to be a winggirl for you??????? Conclusion – this is pure fantasy.

  35. Del350K4 كتب:

    Why doesn´t Matthew simply content himself with the perfectly adorable girl he already has? Or…is he hoping to arrange a more…exotic…evening´s entertainment?

  36. Underpricing كتب:

    haha they just ask question after question and the girl is not investing at all, try hard

  37. lawlroy كتب:

    stop spamming my inbox you dumb cunt

  38. YourMumsADouchebag كتب:

    you intimidated the shit out of this girl :/

  39. Gardash111 كتب:

    @sbilfer No, the real problem here is that the girl is prbbly a lesbian lol.

  40. tmakidd0703 كتب:

    @riley5228 man i feel bad for you bro tht suks…..y wont you get a GF!!

  41. sbilfer كتب:

    Problem with this scenario, is the girl is not looking to meet guys, she is sitting their reading a book wanting to be alone so she can read. . Thats not “Im looking for dudes” situation. And then she booked as soon as she fake numbered him.

  42. BurningSnow999 كتب:

    Theres always my technique, walk up to her and dickslap her and wait for the reaction, i tested this out myself at 14…the result was a bj :) im still 14…thank god for my tight abs and football skills at the highschool…i get digits all the time..this justs increases those digits by a deal or no deal numba

  43. BurningSnow999 كتب:

    You see theres always my technique, run up to her dickslap her and wait for the reaction, i have tested this…the results were surgery

  44. AtheistTower كتب:

    Wouldn’t this technically be a wingwoman? Wingman are generally your guy mates helping you out.

  45. aznflayva كتب:

    here’s an idea..stop focusing on trying to learn how to pick up women and focus on yourself..get your paper up..they’ll come regardless..as long as your successful enough to make her happy.

  46. Greysnow187 كتب:

    Holy shit, Coleen was a great pivot. I wish my friends weren’t dicks. They seem to forget that they were the wing men and try to snag the girl I wanted.

  47. uzzik كتب:


  48. AudibleOpinion كتب:

    Is this like prostitution or something?

  49. c64c64c64 كتب:

    LOL how lame

    this is like when you are pathetic and scared in school and getting a friend whos a girl to ask out her friend for you…no wait…its exactly the same

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