HOT GIRL هجوم! [OCT.26.11 DAY 364]

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Hot Girls is now a series! Be sure to check out our newest season! Ariel shows off her pad (which has some unique features) on this episode of Teen Cribz. Share this on Facebook — Get music from the video here: Watch the behind the scenes here: CONNECT WITH US: TWITTER — FACEBOOK — MYSPACE — CAST Ariel — Jasmine — Bentley — Criss Angel — Fat Guy in Suit — Favorite Slave (Ceciley Jenkins) — Slave — Chris Caldwell Directed/Edited: LisaNova — Camera by Will Watkins — and Music Bad Bad Man Diamond in the Back Downhill IFM Hangin Hustler Throw Ya Shapes Up Thug Life What Ya Gonna Do With You KOS Provided courtesy of APM Music LLC
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 تعليق على HOT GIRL هجوم! [OCT.26.11 DAY 364]

  1. Dynastyboy473 كتب:

    0:59 i almost smothered on my food XD

    That was so hilarious!

  2. MRlegoman9 كتب:


  3. LadyJenngerAngel كتب:

    its oh so quiet *Screams* its oh so still * Screams*

  4. Hatorian1 كتب:

    guess im not the only one that makes up stupid fuckin songs and annoy the fuck out of people in car

  5. haarald93 كتب:

    03:00 is the best fucking thing on youtube!

  6. sentidoenelamor كتب:

    fucking vampire

  7. Razmi90 كتب:

    Cory: I m an idiot
    Kate: Yes u r!
    Haha cracks me up

  8. boydoextreem كتب:


  9. MapleJokerRofl كتب:

    How many times did you fuck her already?

  10. vicofour كتب:

    butt scratch

  11. jesslyra كتب:

    OMG i died at Cory’s “singing” XDXD milkshake nearly came out of my nose. Thanks Cory <3

  12. taoxv88 كتب:

    @genesisSOC That is what my anti-virus says everytime it downloads new signatures. Avast is awesome that way . . . .

  13. LordSnuffleofTime كتب:

    There business partners..She helps him with smpfilms videos. If I am wrong then I am sorry

  14. djcap2001 كتب:

    please bring beth over

  15. joedogHP كتب:

    Are Kate and Cory dating or something..?

  16. EPR89 كتب:

    @goremini181 I guess that’s something we can agree on. The problem is that if you force people to make an objective vote you won’t get a lot of participation, because an objective vote requires real effort.

  17. goremini181 كتب:

    @EPR89 yeah but with this much of a following there is so many subjective votes that it shouldn’t be allowed

  18. EPR89 كتب:

    @goremini181 I understand what you mean, but it’s a subjective vote. That’s simply how it works. If your brother competed you would also vote for him, no matter whether there are objectively better costumes.

  19. goremini181 كتب:

    @EPR89 people have been working for months on costumes far superior than Kate’s (no offence just the truth) and it is their dream to win that and to have it taken by them because kate is a youtube celeb is completely unfair.

  20. TheSupershooter كتب:


  21. Activeturbo98 كتب:

    Where can get jaffa cakes in America? (like a major store)

  22. TheAngelkitty11 كتب:

    she sounds more english with the hot one

  23. Slivarito كتب:

    Cory, I would listen to that forever. Make that please! 😀

  24. LazyLonerLayla كتب:

    Corey’s scream is so *quacking* funny. Lmfaoo
    I’d listen to the screaming cover song XD

  25. Proudnoob8210 كتب:


  26. chockondick1 كتب:

    They so should’ve had black people in the slave cuboard

  27. Icecubebac كتب:

    Thas ugly grils nose reminds me of Kasemg

  28. x720zxHiTMerka كتب:


  29. TheEmiliozzz كتب:

    Fuccckk!!! Iss Meen!

  30. krazzyrockerz كتب:

    visit n grab ur own amazing 4s by doing some promotions………(

  31. CrashArtSkillz كتب:

    Ugly white sluts that only gotta lot of views cuz ppl saw crack funny shit is that crack was a nasty white faggot which most gay men are pedophiles

  32. TheEcoDisc كتب:

    WTF Are this Girls??!?

  33. rahul65shine كتب:

    bilkul nikat

  34. Hypnotix25 كتب:

    @jahmeer11 are u serious? jasmine is KassemG

  35. blaccksub كتب:

    this is exactly like the tv shows on gta 4..! shit!

  36. jahmeer11 كتب:

    any1 think jasmine looks like kassemG

  37. DudeGedrick101 كتب:

    we all know why are we here…

  38. CILClark كتب:

    jasmine is pretty hot

  39. MsTequili كتب:

    you guys totally ruined the word “breakfast” for me…

  40. YDGxx كتب:

    this ISN’T my favorite video…

  41. XxrsalzlxX كتب:

    What the Crap did i just watch?????????

  42. davidshultz2007 كتب:

    The sad thing is how many of us know some fugly chick that tries to fit into pants 4 sizes too small,and the roll just oozes over … EWWWW

  43. aaialfozan كتب:

    الله يلعن اووووم الحول المبسبس الي معهم هو وسرواله

  44. PurgeToDeath كتب:

    well i just imagine the blonde girl ass…

  45. PurgeToDeath كتب:

    can`t help it my pen is brought me here.

  46. loosemoremary كتب:

    i hate ppl like this

  47. number1usc1 كتب:

    i hate bitches like this..!

  48. LeshoTV كتب:

    I fell in love with Jasmine!!!:D

  49. bapekute كتب:

    okay now I feel disgusted at this shit.

  50. YoungBJizzle كتب:


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