LMFAO — مثير وأنا أعلم أنها محاكاة ساخرة — مثير ، وأنا لا مأوى لهم

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My website: www.creativelightingdisplays.com **PLEASE READ** THERE IS NO LIVE CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW!! My neighbors need a break. So please don’t show up to my house expecting a show. Viewing from Moible Phone The video has been blocked from mobile phones (mainly iPhone/iPad) due to the content owner….record company. Nothing I can do. Most Android phones work. A work around is to click on the “Desktop” link at the bottom of the Youtube page in your browser (ex: Safari). Do not use the Youtube app. When you want to return back to mobile version, click on “Mobile” at the bottom of the page. I originally created this for the AMAs, but you didn’t get to see a lot of it due to the way it was broadcast. I’ve received many requests to use this for a Christmas show and I thought it would be a cool idea to add Santa Hats on the faces and place some Xmas trees on the lawn….and presto! Sexy and I know It Christmas style with a little Halloween thrown in. Not your typical standard Christmas song…but who wants standard? WWW.CREATIVELIGHTINGDISPLAYS.COM FaceBook: Creative Lighting Displays FB Fans: KJ92508 2011 Christmas Light Show — Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. 4 singing pumpkin faces with Santa Hats, spiral trees, strobes, floods and thousands of RGB LED lights. DMX running some of lights. All lights, faces and props are custom made (DIY) by me except for the roof line which are CCRs. Controlling channels. 1040 channels. Riverside, CA
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Juliannenicole124 كتب:


  2. AbbigoTalentXD كتب:

    OMG, i love it !! (:

  3. transammaniac كتب:

    00:29 Chunk Dirty, iBeChucks

  4. TheWikstrom99 كتب:

    ONE M0:00RE TIME?

  5. TheWikstrom99 كتب:

    No shoes, No shirt cuz im fucking homeless XD 1:18

  6. TxBlackSaberxT كتب:

    Some people dont know what glory hole is………

  7. BDauC كتب:

    I think i saw the Midget from Pirates of the Caribbean ;)

  8. kassiisbest كتب:

    lol strange song

  9. dellabus كتب:


  10. Nuchieboy20132 كتب:

    1:07-1:09 clean my bawlz lmao

  11. LaarizzMarley كتب:

    This is so famous, I heard this song on the radio in The Netherlands.

  12. gkaldh كتب:

    Dat Bellybutton… <3

  13. TheTerminatorstyl66 كتب:

    i can not sleep because of the video

  14. AnnaTheMiss كتب:

    Okaay this is a weird but a funny song ;)

  15. sikkukas كتب:

    Thumbs up.. that’s a gr8 1 Loveitt

  16. RenaultTricoloreVII كتب:

    Thumbs up for his blink :D

  17. AllthewayMark كتب:

    thumbs for the old guy in the suit XD

  18. Jarrheadd00 كتب:

    Kevin sent me

  19. Iceman5613 كتب:

    @SuperPerezProduction Pics or it didn’t happen

  20. MeFastidiaElLag كتب:

    No shoes, no shirt, cause I’m fucking homeless

  21. JakeyScoots2011 كتب:

    Why should i give you money? you’ve probs made about 20 grand of this :/

  22. KevinPipeBomb كتب:

    I saw Nicepeter

  23. ssssssupermand كتب:


  24. LeRitzscape كتب:

    Fucking terrible

  25. DannyDizzzy كتب:

    No Need Foe Tha Club!!!! man xD

  26. CpBuddyfrosty كتب:

    talking house call ghostbusters!

  27. JeanRenard83 كتب:

    Next time for christmas ask for decent music.

  28. theponykid كتب:

    AWESOME! It almost makes me want to leave Australia just to go and see this live. Love your halloween one too!

  29. Woobaby43 كتب:

    Fantastic! I’m sure his neighbors are glad this was a one time thing. I loved it!

  30. GENLiS82 كتب:

    It’s sooo~ AMAZING !!!

  31. DropThatBass5567 كتب:

    That house is Sexy and It knows it!

  32. ItsSimptom كتب:

    Shit god dammit. 2 days looking for clip about Christmas what me need and can not find. In the clip men (looks like “Scatman”) sings with a mustache (black short hair), black suit and wearing white gloves. It’s from 90s i think. Who remembers? thanks in advance.

  33. ReyesxVida كتب:

    When Santa goes to that house he gunna stay there all night lol..Jaja

  34. hockeyrocks20202 كتب:


  35. 10spongebob7 كتب:

    @ceriseee92 uhhh idk who?

  36. ceriseee92 كتب:

    guess who got a new subscriber :33333

  37. MaryCyberBailey كتب:

    @TheCrabman5 that is the best comment! 

  38. TheCrabman5 كتب:

    It’s so bright and obnoxious that Jesus can see it.

  39. paarkaysqueeze كتب:

    Really love your work,vry much so, buuuut, I was hoping and ‘expecting’ a little more Chritmas feel to it,just sayin. Otherwise GENIOUS! FANTABULOUS!

  40. simoncallender كتب:

    Sick bruv!

  41. XxKelseyMegan91xX كتب:

    This is by far one of the most creative things I have ever seen! I love it! I am in absolutely amazement by this video! lol. Awesome Job!!

  42. MrHusseinalaa كتب:

    dude, this is fabulous. good job, i’m sure it took lot of work.

  43. 95Minori كتب:

    I like it ,,,,,so beautful ….

  44. SuperUsga كتب:

    That is a party house :D

  45. TheLolzbunker كتب:

    How Much do this cost?

  46. PhillipLeTaco كتب:

    The guy driving by was probably like WTF?!@??@!?!@!?@?

  47. MeredithSedai كتب:

    Well done.

  48. GRTonat كتب:

    fantastic! well done man

  49. NathansVideos46 كتب:

    Is there going to be a new year show?

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