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official video for magnetic will go up on my main channel whenever its done being editted! Tori Kelly have you seen Crushin with me and Meesh?
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48 تعليق على SEXY MAN الماعز تسرق زوجتي!

  1. IndeedItsEmily كتب:

    omg I was at all those places this week! I flew in from colorado (yes I did put a quarter in the ashtray and I did touch the outside of the plane) 🙂 I wish I was there earlier and I got to meet you guys 🙁 But pier 39 was so much fun, and i got the donut magnet(: haha I have vlogs I have to edit though..

  2. monicalair كتب:

    oh my freaking god i cant believe shay actually took that apple LOL!

  3. Stephanie Black كتب:

    the start soothed me

  4. thelukai14 كتب:

    moms on the loose kinda sounds like a porno o_0

  5. anikmarjorie كتب:


  6. ItsYallHomie كتب:

    he lost weight… where have you been? lol

  7. samuraij89 كتب:

    I was in the background making a wtf face ….
    I really wish I was one of the homestuckers that said hi to him.

  8. misspalestine1194 كتب:

    i’m seeing them go to all these places in the bay area that i know and have been to! amghjldrglu b

  9. ItsMeRobin10 كتب:

    whatthefuuuck he looks completely different nd his voice wtf happeneeed

  10. UknownLoneWolf كتب:

    OMG Homestuck! the kids that shay wanted to say duck,duck, goose were cosplaying Homestuck.

  11. ItsYallHomie كتب:


  12. ItsMeRobin10 كتب:

    who is that guy whos holding the camer is that shay?!?!??!?!?

  13. cfazio57 كتب:


  14. balletpointe4eva كتب:

    Having a mini fangirl sesh because Tom Daley is in a Shaytards vlog :’D

  15. thesmgperson كتب:

    The song is Sail by AWOLNATION ^_^

  16. JacobBonzo1997 كتب:

    Shay the song is called sail like so he can see this to get pumped up for the marathon or whatever 😀

  17. OlgaPea كتب:

    lol. haha me too

  18. Nancy Hen كتب:

    Heard pancakes r great for a marthon

  19. emmalyneXoXo كتب:

    TEAM GB !!!!!!!!!!

  20. mac7613 كتب:

    You mean you caught a Fly but killed it in the process.. 😛

  21. TheCrowdedsquirrel كتب:


  22. CommanderRamirez كتب:

    He looks like Zach braff with that hat and he even sounds like him lol

  23. TeshiMeshi كتب:

    hukigh amg they are homestuckfans
    ghcfghh fgh h jesuschristtheyareintheshaytardsvidsnowfml LOL

  24. TeshiMeshi كتب:

    [ lol I know this my seem ..mean?..but I think they might have spotted weeaboos at the japan center..]]

  25. MrCed0802 كتب:

    haha no no unfortunately…well I would’nt have known what to say if he had pointed the camera at me:)

  26. 261Tina كتب:

    Tori Kelly is very pretty. I like her outfit in the last shoot.

  27. FastEzPoints كتب:

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  28. PRoxxz15 كتب:

    Home Theater 😀

  29. PharaohEstrada كتب:

    Rosariooooo! :'(

  30. hurricaneronnie662 كتب:

    where is the video

  31. nintendohelp1 كتب:

    Tori Kelly, Hot and Humble! MMMMMMmm

  32. mmmmsmack كتب:

    tori + tim = sex? tori + chia + tim = 3sum?

  33. AllStarBoi07 كتب:

    Hooooly Shyt!!!! 01:15 Rick where’s your hat dude

  34. MusicFlows2121 كتب:

    I agree.

  35. deliaBEAUTY كتب:

    dang she’s really pretty

  36. ACeeYaNo كتب:

    Dont let that white mexican steal your tv >:O. Bad Pedro lool

  37. Bweezyyy كتب:

    Tori Kelly <3

  38. somi101 كتب:

    I LOVE TORI KELLY! <3 She is so beautiful and her voice is amazingg!

  39. diciple23 كتب:

    Tori Kelly is B E A U T I F U L !!!!!! is she latina!! i love Latinas, wit her gorgeous curly/wavy hair

  40. martelly55 كتب:

    0:30 RICK HAS NO HATTTT!!!!!

  41. LACUERO23 كتب:

    HELLERRRRRR THERE RICKY 😉 get at me we could be lonely together !!!

  42. LisaIrma100 كتب:

    I hope he shows his future child(ren) these vlogs when they’re old enough. They’ll truly value their dad

  43. gmag070 كتب:

    tori kelly’s mom looks so young! like she could be her older sister!

  44. gmag070 كتب:

    2:31 tim and joanlee! take your hat off when you’re eating! have you no manners?

  45. pisoboy94 كتب:


  46. xiTzKeViNo كتب:


  47. HalfTimesTwo كتب:

    I find it odd that I saw this EXACT comment in the video I just watched… Get a life.

  48. NY53shannen كتب:

    when can we see it

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