راش ليمبو يأخذ على راشيل Jeantel: اعترفت أساسا Trayvon كان ‘الحمار-الديكي زيمرمان’

7/17/13 – Rush Limbaugh today highlighted one aspect of Piers Morgan’s compelling interview with Trayvon Martin friend Rachel Jeantel that he said isn’t gett…
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23 تعليق على راش ليمبو يأخذ على راشيل Jeantel: اعترفت أساسا Trayvon كان ‘الحمار-الديكي زيمرمان’

  1. silviapullum1012 كتب:

    Take a good look at trayvons rallies. your own kids march with us.

  2. silviapullum1012 كتب:

    Zimerman is guilty.zimmerman is a murder.

  3. silviapullum1012 كتب:

    So do I cracker beast.whatever your igorant comment means.pussy

  4. Zonly1 كتب:

    just whoop ass nigga…u gotthat nigga

  5. David Evans كتب:

    The whole country and the media decided Zimmerman was guilty before, during and after the trial. He had a fair trial. All the evidence was presented. The jury found him not guilty. That’s the justice system. You all forget that he’s INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Because if someone’s guilty until proven innocent, you get lynchings. The FOUNDERS designed it this way. Get over it, and if you can’t, you’re ANTI_AMERICAN. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

  6. silviapullum1012 كتب:

    Limpballs you need to pick your limpyballs and run…run…u creepy white cracker.before I whippp asss

  7. mmr11027 كتب:

    Blood people–I think she’s referring to the gang as in Crips and Bloods because Tracy Martin (Trayvon’s dad) was in the Crips. He had a tattoo that read CaT (for Crippin’ all the Time) and photos can easily be found of him with his gangsta friends. If that old and faded tattoo was completely innocent–why did he need to cover it up as soon as he went to the MSM for justice?

  8. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    James holmes is the PH.D student majoring in Neuroscience and couldve had such a bright future. He was quiet, laid-back and reserved. Thug? Not in a million years. Meanwhile, Trayvon…is a homophobic, gay beater, homemade drug making(the skittles), gun toting, weed smoking, lurking in the shadows, got suspended from school, would-be-home-invader, attack dog that got exactly what was coming to him. And he’s DEFINITELY not going to be on the cover of the Rolling Stones anytime soon. Trust me.

  9. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    You think I’m comparing the # of white criminals to the # of blacks. And i’m not. I’m talking about the way white crime is received compared to the way black crime is. We treat white criminals like what they did is a disease, like cancer, something thats out of there control. Some outside force had to interfere because James Holmes is not a thug. God no. Never has been, never will be. White ppl simply don’t commit crime for the hell of it. Its not possible.

  10. ClementineRoad كتب:

    You and I and everyone else in America know the names of those white serial murderers. What we don’t know about are the names of 57 black serial murderers. Because it is not the liberal MSM narrative for us to know these things… we are to only know about the white ones. Google ‘List of Black Serial Killers’ to see names, cities, number of victims. #14 The Zebra Killings (71 White people), #48 Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida), etc…

  11. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    The boy walking home from the store, was someone that simply deserved to die. And lets trash him the whole way down. No Rolling Stones Cover for him. Well, one thing I’ve learned is that life goes full circle. I don’t believe it was meant for ZM to go to prison. He stood a snowballs chance in hell. ok, he would not have lasted a dying breath. That much we can all agree on. So…he gets to stay out here. A price on his head, and a target on his back. I’d say this is way more fitting a punishment.

  12. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    This country glorifies white criminals. And Why do you think mass murderers are becoming more and more frequent? They all want the cover of a magazine. They all want to go out with a bang. The know they will be glorified and talked about forever. How many times have we heard about what an intelligent doctor James Holmes could have been? Seriously…Who cares? Why are we not talking about what a vicious thug he was? Has thug and James Holmes even been used in the same sentence? smh. This country.

  13. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    All the gun violence and mass murders happening in this country and the word thug has NEVER been said once. It’s “mentally ill”. See, Its simply not possible for a white person to kill for the hell of it. Thats only what thugs do. I used to wonder why every single mass murderer had to be mental. NOW I know. To call Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, etc thugs, would be politically incorrect. Even Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the boston bomber, gets the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine.

  14. Lazy11216 كتب:

    Its clear shes a girl from the ghetto with no more intelligence then her AREAS proximity. If our future is leveling on a generation like this I think it’s clear to say downhill we go!

  15. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    The weird part is that people won’t stop. NOW, he’s homophobic, and he was going to beat up gay people. He was gonna mix up baking soda, water and skittles to make a drug, he was gonna collect guns, Robbery tools in his locker, the weed he smoked gave him super human strength apparently. Where does it end? When white people kill, they have either been stricken with mental illness, or they are otherwise justified. But black….well black=Thug no matter what happens.

  16. lerinnenatalia كتب:

    I don’t know 1 person that has ever been followed in the dark by a stranger, and not feared for their life. I also don’t know 1 person thats been able to rationalize like “well, technically he’s not breaking the law.” All the technicalities mean nothing if u don’t know who they are, or what they want. Why didn’t he identify himself as an armed member of the neighborhood watch, simply here to see if theres a problem? Had he been the upstanding citizen you all imagine, none of this wuldve happened

  17. TPLiberal كتب:

    No, I would NOT have done the same as Zimmerman. I would have emptied every bullet in my gun into Trayvon.

  18. Robby From TX كتب:

    This bitch is dumb…just plain dumb. This is our future, a culture of filth.

  19. Robby From TX كتب:

    Yeah he got a beat down, until he LEGALLY pulled out his handgun and eliminated the problem. I’m sure you would have done the same thing in those circumstances provided you too hand a handgun.

  20. bonnie beme كتب:

    I hope she keeps on going on interviews. She is such a great witness for the defense!

  21. ClementineRoad كتب:

    By revealing that Trayvon thought he was being followed by a gay rapist and to run…. but he didn’t, Trayvon just may have approached GZ because Trayvon intended to beat up a homosexual……

  22. Sigiberht كتب:

    Creepy ass cracka whoop ass.

  23. TPLiberal كتب:

    Like she needed to admit it? When Trayvon continues to beat Zimmerman even though Zimmerman doesn’t hit back and screams for HELP like a little girl for more than a minute, Trayvon was handing out an obvious BEAT DOWN.

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