Hotties تهتز لها الحمار

A present from The Morning Show

Music video by Luke Bryan performing Take My Drunk Ass Home. (P) (C) 2010 Capitol Records Nashville. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Records Nashville, 3322 West End Avenue, 11th Floor, Nashville, TN 37203
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Hotties تهتز لها الحمار

  1. thebassplaya34 says:

    I’m loving it! Anybody hating this got to be gay.

  2. gilbertorobles1 says:

    Weak ass hell … Need more corn bread

  3. yeaahbuddy101 says:


  4. cooldell100 says:

    are you girls stripers

  5. Auggydoggyspillmonty says:

    So… I wonder if the girl in the pink can take a Dick while moving like that? She needs to call me so we can find out!! Lol!

  6. lalu811 says:


  7. KingBonds4Eva1 says:

    i love college

  8. xHoneybunch07x says:

    Sorry but only some sluts put videos like this up. Damn what the fuck.

  9. Elborikuakid says:

    Yell yea that pink girl has a big ass

  10. 772gomez says:


  11. BigJoe5050 says:

    I just jerked off n cummed

  12. CEBUnit says:

    Nice ass but y’all can’t dance/shake worth a shit.

  13. Whiteboy7thst5th says:

    The pink chick is takin it to a whole new level

  14. 633brent says:

    i loved to eat your girls is ass”s

  15. gabbie0210 says:

    That’s fucking nasty. But some pants on. I think u mistaked YouTube for red tube .

  16. anthony12156 says:

    @lilsk8erboy98 eminem shake that ass

  17. ajv23beast says:

    Blonde has a ass!

  18. XkittyXkattX410 says:

    I wanna fuck the one in the hello kitty shirt please (:

  19. Deligibibirasikk says:

    Girl in the red hit me up I wanna ask u something

  20. purplehayes12100 says:

    Go to my videos or call me

  21. purplehayes12100 says:

    U guys should meet a reall girl

  22. MrAceplayer8 says:

    I 3 pink

  23. o0OSeasoNO0o says:

    Go red

  24. lilsk8erboy98 says:

    What song is this?

  25. taylapitch66 says:

    Im the girl in the red

  26. deepwoodskentuckian says:

    love this song needless to say we shant be seeing this on cmt or gac :p

  27. bboyxc says:


  28. brianalea2007 says:

    My fall back plan done got sad cause my ex boyfiend ain’t lookin half bad ;)

  29. ichewcope69 says:

    follow @jshif11 on twitter

  30. oklahomacowboy100 says:

    38 people wasnt drunk

  31. GiBiT14 says:

    Ironically my girlfriend called me last night and said these exact words. “Im at _____. Can you come take my drunk ass home, my moneys all gone”

    Now how can i get mad that she went out to a bar and she got drunk with the girls…..she reminded me to play this song when she got in the truck.

  32. GiBiT14 says:

    @88dodgeredneck Amen brother

  33. iLOVEBradPLukeBJoshT says:

    oh nooooo… the LAST thing we want is a SHIRTLESS luke bryan running around… whatever will we do?!?…. hehehehe:D:D:D:D

  34. davidsgirl406 says:

    Haha I love this song

  35. fullc0llapse08 says:

    Luke Bryan’s never drank in Texas….When its time to go home…We Keep drinkin

  36. 314Draven says:

    this is awesome. its a been there done that that song. i love it.

  37. moneenisonfire says:

    @seyahznarf Who cares what people where you fucking goon. Music isn’t defined by clothing. Fuck off before you get gang beaten by country fans that don’t wear Stetsons.

  38. ddmagnan says:

    @bazzbain Glenfidich is good, but Jack is nice on a day to day basis.

  39. oMathiaso says:

    pause at 0:45 nice skoal ad lol

  40. stevenslinebacker says:

    damn i wish i was drunk it would make this song more fun to listen yo

  41. bettsd18 says:

    @HeadHunterGa hey i was ganna say that …lol

  42. HeadHunterGa says:

    37 people never had a good night at the bar

  43. okhuntertravis says:

    this song is definately me and my group of friends
    my birthday last march was a memory i dont remember lol

  44. seyahznarf says:

    0:16 When did country artists start wearing New Era’s instead of Stetsons?

  45. bazzbain says:

    damn what a song for a hang over,,, ouch my head hurts.. to much Glenfidich whisky

  46. mcnutts100 says:

    It’s time to tape my drunk asshole XD

  47. ForgottenLegend237 says:

    id love to party with that fella hahaha

  48. BigPoppie10000 says:

    me in ten more years

  49. travisvanalst says:

    @djd42553 lmao. there is always someone to notice the unnoticeable boobs.

  50. mbell28164 says:

    put me back down took a arrow to the knee

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