HOT DANCE الشكر!

Oooh la la! Steve and I went and visited the Apple Store and did a little dance with this forzen ham b/c the turkeys were all too heavy! LOL — happy thanksg…

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25 Responses to HOT DANCE الشكر!

  1. tinchocba201 says:

    nice ass

  2. Augustinas Eidukonis says:

    what’s the music?

  3. Bubble Box says:

    can i touch urboobs

  4. louisalectube says:

    I actually saw this video years ago, and I had no clue about her or youtube channel people 8-) Still funny because its not scripted and its in public 8-)

  5. Rachel Doering says:

    could you just be my bestfriend…? lol

  6. jthourogood says:

    “shake the7r butts” and twirl their hair around-_-

  7. jthourogood says:

    ive noticed something… all some white girls do is

  8. lycoctonum says:

    Lol, I always come back to this video this time of year. Merry X-Mas iJustine!

  9. STU08087 says:

    2.34 – yep hot

  10. maestrojon says:

    I can see how Derek Acorah shitting himself lead me to this video.

  11. saffie lahouari says:

    this sucks painfully

  12. Jonathan Murillo says:

    She’s so Hot! :D

  13. MsRikku1 says:

    I hate being black.
    I wanna be white, Like You JustIne.


  14. longboardguy says:

    She’s so pretty!

  15. Augustinas Eidukonis says:

    Hey what’s this music called? Please let me know if u know ://

  16. lilww2kid says:

    Props to that black guy

  17. TheGlossylipgloss says:

    Haha you seriously made crack up

  18. Am3rIca16 says:

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  19. MsLily0013 says:

    LMFAO That black guy! cx I died at that.

  20. Francisco Ventura says:

    Hey! You’re so hot I very like your dance

  21. Emely Ramos says:

    Haha great dance and awesome Steve jobs doll :D

  22. josh786manchester says:

    Ugly cow daft bitch

  23. MrAguilar1994 says:


  24. XxHarol31Xx says:

    did anyone else like her shirt it wqs sexy!!

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