Struttin ‘أن الحمار ريمكس – نسخة جنوب القذرة

Struttin’ that Ass – Dirty South Remix – Huntsville Alabama, Guntersville AL, Crazy guy harasses news reporter the remix. Original music can be found here: h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Estreno el 30 de agosto de 2013. Todas las novedades en Kick-Ass, Hit Girl y Bruma Roja regresan a las pantallas mundiales…

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33 Responses to Struttin ‘أن الحمار ريمكس – نسخة جنوب القذرة

  1. aqualobster says:

    RIP Guntersville ‘Gunny’ Walker

    some say he still walks to this very day

  2. MrOverkill29 says:

    Da Original Twerk.

  3. ShabazzTheGreat19 says:

    Hol dat ass up!

  4. Timothy Gaskins says:

    I love it

  5. milldabeast519 says:

    u aint b e struttin dat ass to gunterville

  6. The ZHero says:

    aww man, he’s probably “gone”, dont mean to be disrespectful, cuz this was filmed in 1995 and he looks like a good 70yo :(

  7. Alvin Bowen says:

    you got a fucking mercades benz you will be so fucking tired you be strutting that ass

  8. Fart Knocker says:

    n u got a fuckin mercedes benz…

  9. Theycallmesteveo says:

    you just wish you had half the strut this man does

  10. tricia1114 says:

    Oh man this is sooo funny I can’t so laughing!!

  11. Fliptrickkid18 says:

    Hold dat ass up!!! Lol this guys a thug

  12. Gavin Levy says:

    Lmfao.. Holdin that azz up

  13. Ken Price says:

    He doesn’t need a dentist He does his own dental work just like a true gangsta.

  14. Omaka Rocks says:

    Just too damn funny

  15. BluntChellytrk says:

    ayyyyee lol

  16. 12Jinxy says:


  17. 2rogarcia1989 says:

    When you start walkin,I’ll b right behind em..STRUTTING,STRUTTING,STRUTTING!!! lmao

  18. John Jones says:

    “Strut Strut”

  19. catmorgan88 says:

    proper struttin it

  20. keyyounbrown says:

    Strut’n that ass

  21. Jimmy Wonders says:

    He’s now likely dead, but gave us this moment.. STRUT!

  22. greasemonkeypol says:

    de paizei autos einai ellhnas sigoura

  23. lmdladyluck says:

    I hv to get a good laugh bout once a mth to this vid

  24. CheiiTo Sanchz says:

    Video cristiano

  25. CheiiTo Sanchz says:

    Los mirándose

  26. Alex Seva says:

    quien este interesado en ver esta pelicula en español suptitulado o en audio español que pase por mi canal y mire mi ultimo video

  27. Caty Lilo says:

    Por favor!! que hagan una tercera peliiiii

  28. Caty Lilo says:

    solo por curiosidad, porque dices eso de porno?

  29. ormaggoden666 says:


  30. DAVID VAZQUEZ says:


  31. Zalcros GamerEsp says:

    q asco

  32. Zalcros GamerEsp says:


  33. ldra13600 says:


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