SHAQ DISSES كوبي – قل لي كيف الأذواق مؤخرتي FREESTYLE لحم بقري – PTBTV found out that O’Neal has several nicknames, some of which have been given by the media. Some of the most common ones are…
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Hollywood A-lister and Kick-Ass producer shows up for the film’s European premiere. Submit your videos at . Follow us on twit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 تعليق على SHAQ DISSES كوبي – قل لي كيف الأذواق مؤخرتي FREESTYLE لحم بقري

  1. npatz4ever كتب:

    lmao I fucking love Shaq

  2. Raptorsfan كتب:

    i got a visecteme now i cant breed em.. LOOL

  3. HunsV كتب:

    Shaq has half a billion dollars? Gabe Newell and Notch have three times as much and they both weigh like 300 pounds

  4. GWRevolutionTV كتب:

    did he toss his salad?

  5. DTM SLANGMOB كتب:

    kobe tell me how my ass tastes hahaha

  6. MrShirye كتب:

    why censor it? fuck

  7. Sammy Davis كتب:

    Shaq went in

  8. pearcemark2 كتب:

    yeah, it was a famous thing

    Kobe said Shaq would pay his side hoes so they wouldn’t talk

  9. thedanielchen96 كتب:

    dat ass tastes like one fewer ring

  10. hans schwanz كتب:

    Kobe be like” dat ass taste good. mhhhh”

  11. GuRu187904 كتب:

    Still a better love story than Twilight…

  12. NSLENT كتب:


  13. SOLO DA KID SCOTT كتب:

    He killed it

  14. steven25544 كتب:

    This is better than all those ymmcb faggots go shaq

  15. kenneth phillips كتب:

    So Kobe snitched to Shaq’s wife about him cheating? Makes since now why they started beefin on the court. Thats a bitch move Kobe!

  16. krueger92 كتب:

    Wow he’s pretty good! He should be put in a movie where he plays a rapping genie

  17. afrourban كتب:

    Shaq needs to spit bars on Dwight Howard!!…D12…tell how my ass taste!!!

  18. lanreezy23 كتب:

    The beats pretty catchy tho

  19. Tich Jura كتب:

    the white mamba needs to remix this towards Boston.

  20. 12345675922 كتب:

    I felt like throwing up!!!!

  21. David Therv كتب:

    Shaquille is so dum

  22. DrClaw77 كتب:

    …is NOT Shaq.

  23. Terrell Taylor كتب:

    Man fuck that nigga Shaq.

  24. DoU EvenLift كتب:

    Because Pau Gasol was the finals MVP for those two years right? oh wait…. no he wasn’t

  25. Rex Iustus كتب:

    Nah….. PAU GASOL

  26. biggestsprousefan كتب:

    TokyoNerd,u know wat i call a superhero…i call a superhero like kick ass who wants to save innocent people…

  27. shenikashenay كتب:


  28. superrkoman كتب:


  29. TokyoNerd كتب:

    “What’s a superhero without any super powers?”


  30. Mat Buckland كتب:

    chloe moretz is hot…coming from my 12 year old bro haha

  31. Harry Harrington كتب:

    Pitt probably didn’t want to steal the limelight.

  32. bosspk3r كتب:

    fucking annoying accent

  33. TutorialsHelps كتب:

    Bradolf Pitler , HEIL !

  34. temmy69 كتب:

    UK is a small bit actually! xD

  35. Nezello كتب:

    The charge is contributing to the deliquency of a minor (MIND FUCK ABUSE). Every generation you have to reassert morals and socially acceptable behavior or there will be those who will (the perverted) try to make it disgusting.

  36. Fredshersker كتب:

    She has 4 older brothers, my friend. You think she did not know just ONE of those words already? Getting upset about kids swearing, that is SO last year..

  37. 01dan61 كتب:

    Who gives a shit if people say ‘Arse’ or ‘Ass’ does it really matter? All i know is that Kick-Ass is a great movie.

  38. THEANnetWork كتب:

    thumbs up if you hate nezello. this should be getting a lot of thumbs up

  39. THEANnetWork كتب:

    ignore nezello she’s a troll

  40. 01dan61 كتب:

    Amazing film! I got to go to the premiere. Met Hit girl and red mist. It was brilliant!

  41. toxicvalentine09 كتب:

    @Nezello shut the fuck up, it’s a freaking WORD! God doesn’t give a shit if you swear. and kids don’t care either. to be honest.. it’s only you that cares? xD

  42. toxicvalentine09 كتب:

    LMAO ‘Kick Arse’
    i’m british and i say ass xD

    and all you guys fighting over which country is better; patheticcccc!
    both UK and USA are just big bits of land.. who gives a shit?

  43. Ross Moffat كتب:

    She says “Kick Arse”

  44. OlderG0ds كتب:

    how the fuck did this video spawn a debate of langua..oh nevermind.

    so yeah basically now this is an argument over who’s english is the best… lmao is there nothing we will argue over??

    Hey Brits, USA makes the best toilets in the world. Take that!!

  45. Nezello كتب:

    You are warped!! It’s disgusting to allow a child to say that as well as illegal, as in contributing to the delinquency of minor. To justify it means you are part of the moral decay of society and reason I cannot wait for Jesus to come back and rectify HOLLYWOOD perverted thinking people…

  46. Cermak2795 كتب:

    i need that car

  47. mgawsmestevan كتب:

    – Actually the Southern sound of the US is understandable because its basically slowed down for you (Unless you’re completely ignorant). And we all know The UK colonized US, Canada and Australia [majority of English speaking countries]. What do you want a medal? IMO The Northern American accent and that includes Canada and The US dialect is easier to understand.

  48. MrPresidentToBe كتب:

    oh god know…. some americans just mumble, ive had to put subtitles on some american films…

    and people from the south of the US.. lets not even go there… perfected our language? i think not… besides, Britan didnt just colonize america, we colonized many parts of the world, and each speak their own varient of English, but doesnt mean its clearer than English-English. RP English is the clearest form of english, and it orginates in the south of England.

  49. Nebuchadnezzar كتب:

    Whats WRONG with you, IT’S A MOVIE!

  50. Nezello كتب:

    On no a boy is equally bad. The charge is contributing to the deliquency of a minor (MIND FUCK ABUSE). Every generation you have to reassert morals and socially acceptable behavior or there will be those who will (the perverted) try to make it disgusting.


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