Just wanted to share with your guys my first gun i ever owned and some of the things ive done to it.
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Sommore goes in on sisters who don’t see that ass whooping coming when they should.
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50 تعليق على ONE ASS BAD SKS SHORT فوهة بندقية

  1. Corpsealot, Harbinger of Games كتب:

    Now you can go to the range during the day and do some star gazing at night.

  2. ToMaHawKfilmsPS3 كتب:


  3. ironman76701 كتب:

    what good is a unloaded mag. dumbass

  4. mannexx111 كتب:

    I know what its like to be proud of your hard work and the awesome results. You have to resist this urge I learned this the hard way and have deleted 16 of my vids after I found out the state police was watching soon people will need people like you with these tools but if they are taken away from you at 3am by force its too late.

  5. mannexx111 كتب:

    Very cool gun I’m sure dhs and other agencies appreciate you telling them where to come get it. If you want to stay armed keep this stuff to yourself think about what I’m saying

  6. Mrmaxiron Iron كتب:

    nice scope

  7. spyroseye1978 كتب:

    well with whats on it in this video its pretty heavy not ideal for running around with more ideal for a stationary postion and throwing mad lead in a single direction, but all these accessories arent even on there anymore i just like to use my sks to try new things i buy and diffrent configuratons cause the sks is easy and versitle to work with espcially with the tapco stock and a tri or quad rail system on it. then after messing with it for a while ill decide which accessories are gonna go were

  8. 1NatoGun كتب:

    She looks nice man , does it weigh a lot ?

  9. spyroseye1978 كتب:

    I already got a few aks …I just like playing around with the sks trying new accessories cause its easy to work with….this sks in the video at the time I shot it looks nothing like it today….

  10. Joseph Thomas كتب:

    For all the money you spent on that monster you could have bought an arsenal ak

  11. spyroseye1978 كتب:

    not smart is not knowing how to spell a 2nd grade spelling word “vary” its very,and look should be looked and for your personal info other than 1 video i did on loading a drum mag all my vids are shot with dummy rounds but even if it was loaded with live rounds hows it not smart, not smart or not a good idea would be having it loaded then chambering it, a loaded mag inserted into the firearm isnt gonna hurt anyone unless its chambered and your dumb enough to pull the trigger

  12. jesse picken كتب:

    Your mag at the start of the video look loaded not vary smart !!!

  13. seaswirl79 كتب:

    Should get a set of those testicles you see hanging from trucks and hang them off that rifle.

  14. derredmax كتب:

    That is one sweet SKS nicely done.

  15. tim scott كتب:

    Range Ninja…lol

  16. CPHannigan كتب:

    There is no such thing as a “Paratrooper Model.” All paratrooper models of the SKS were made for commercial sale. The Chinese military never used any SKS with a barrel length shorter than 20 inches.

  17. mk4vws كتب:

    Than that bipod grip you have

  18. mk4vws كتب:

    You should look into a grip pod. I think you’ll like that better that

  19. jakeMTSU كتب:

    POS should be on the side.

  20. jhough57 كتب:

    i bought the NcStar receiver cover from CTD, it is very tight and sturdy, had to grind abit but very snug, looks great, wish i could get the 75 round drums here in Ohio 🙁

  21. denny yang كتب:

    Nice gun, Are you hunting my man? Check out my SKS custom! deer hunting.

  22. spyroseye1978 كتب:

    sure the sks with a tapco stock and a quad rail its very easy to work with and versitale you can do lots of things to it, i dont suggest the night vision scope you see in the vid i put that on a 17 hmr of mine for night varmint i just like to play around with new stuff i buy and i do that on my sks cause like i said its easy to work with, there not great for long distance but for short tactical applications a nice holographic sight as i have now on it now does excellent at 50 to 100 yards

  23. krazykyfan كتب:

    This has to be the best sks conversion that I’ve seen. With the market being the way it is right now with regard to AR rifles and ammunition shortages, I am thinking about taking an old Norinco SKS I have and making it look like this. Could these parts work on mine?

  24. Kyle Rice كتب:

    This doesn’t look like an SBR to me..

  25. TheExcellentGinger كتب:

    mall ninja

  26. 2Clarence47 كتب:

    Hell nawl!!!!! to damn funny!

  27. TruthBlood7 كتب:

    mmmmm you are sexy! i’m glad you like black women 😉

  28. martianswag1000 كتب:

    This is too funny, I wish there was footage of this I’m sure it’s even funnier, this had me in tears for days

  29. steemdup كتب:


  30. derrylsblessed كتب:

    leval croford

  31. Bonga Ntombela كتب:

    They sho do

  32. Frostgrl681 كتب:

    I’m calling’ man man and ‘nem. So funny, so true. But what she forgot is man man and ‘nem take care of business.

  33. George Stamps كتب:

    I LOVE Sommore!

  34. ADRIENNE SHAW كتب:


  35. juicycarter1996 كتب:

    . bitch , im telling you nowwwww , you better hang up this phone & call d police ! rodney is CRAZY , —- lmfao ! bitch don’t you see he gaining on youu ? ( DEAD )

  36. ilovemerylstreep96 كتب:

    Bitch I’m tellin you now. Bitch can’t you see he gaining on you

  37. Anon Ymous كتب:

    lol… She blows Monique out the park wiht her comedy. I swear. I have NEVER seen her bomb… ever…. EVER… I’ve never heard a joke of hers that wasn’t just hilarious. SHE deserves her own show.

  38. Damian Cowan كتب:

    She is the funniest

  39. T Maurice كتب:

    “Sommore…gurl u aint gon BElieee this Sshit…..” Lmao

  40. lyricalprince21 كتب:

    Im tellin u nooooooooow,lmbo

  41. TDubDBest كتب:

    I said “BITCH can’t you see he gainin on you?!” Lmao

  42. downritemotivated كتب:


  43. J Brown كتب:

    I said ” Bitch I’m tellin ya noowwwwwww ! ” lmfaaooooo !

  44. marzilyas كتب:

    “intellectualism?” never heard that one before.

  45. EFOODSTAMPS1 كتب:

    My intellectualism calls for more than a “still frame” with an oral skit. ~ Sommore is so funny she leaves me hyper-ventilating.

  46. carlasow كتب:

    i call my uzn never the police unlawful family is our name

  47. Jeremiah Duncan كتب:

    Bitch caint chu tell he gainin on YOU!!!!!! roflmao

  48. Deborah Sheppard كتب:

    HOLD ON ONW SEC HA HA HA I GOTTA CALL DA POLICE thanx for the post~peace,dd

  49. lilmaine426 كتب:


  50. supersayian5x كتب:

    Damn she gave fair warning like hell.

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