الدستور TOS ركلات الحمار

TOS Defiant destroying NX class starship and other NX era craft.

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25 تعليق على الدستور TOS ركلات الحمار

  1. Darkjedi411 كتب:

    3.)EVERYFUCKINGONE WOULD BE WITH THEM. Doesn’t matter who you are, everyone in Star Wars hates the empire. As soon as they hear the feds are coming, thats at least another thousand ships with em. 4.) Star Wars uses lasers. Star Trek uses phasers. If any Star Trek fans recall, the Enterprise encountered a ship using Lasers. As Picard said, “Those won’t even penetrate our navigation shields”. The way I see it, the Federation wouldn’t even take it as war. Just occasionally swatting the odd starship

  2. Darkjedi411 كتب:

    If the Federation was to go into a realistic war with the Empire, they could win. Here’s why-1.) The Enterprise can shoot in any direction, facing any direction, rather than having side guns that if you try and shoot something behind you, you blow yourself apart. 2.) If you haven’t noticed, most Star Wars ships have no back windows or cameras to see behind you. They rely on ALL WINDOWS. MAJOR FLAW PEOPLE. If you snuck up behind the Executor, they’re fucked.

  3. Idazmi7 كتب:

    So you have a 1/2 second reaction time somehow? And why would the shields be weaker? Torpedoes have burrowed into planets and sat just fine inside stars.

  4. Jeremy Owens كتب:

    So are ships. Shields fail; and on photons, the shield would be quite weak compared to a ship’s shields- and you’d probably want to stop them from hitting your ship somehow…

  5. Jeremy Owens كتب:

    There was some in DS9, and while not quite point defense, in TNG there was an episode where the Ent-D destroyed a squadron of fighters in roughly a second or two, (The Game? Can’t remember the episode name…)

  6. Idazmi7 كتب:

    “And, shields or no, you’d expect someone to try to come up with a way to take torpedoes out of action. Shield dampning technologies do exist.”

    They’re too fast. A torpedo is shielded, AND is moving at a few hundred thousand kilometers a second. If you can dampen the shield, get a target lock, AND shoot the torpedo before it hits you, you’re amazing.

    Look at this scene: the Phoenix hits Cardassian Warships without any trouble at all: and they are moving FAST.


  7. andymac4883 كتب:

    Ah. I admit, I’m not very up to speed on my TOS.

    In this case, ‘decent’ is meant relatively. While they do waste FAR more shots than you’d expect a 23rd century ship to waste, Enterprise at least shoots down every one of the Narada’s torpedoes before they can hit Spock. And, shields or no, you’d expect someone to try to come up with a way to take torpedoes out of action. Shield dampning technologies do exist.

    But then, it does remove a lot of the drama if they nerfed torpedoes to that point.

  8. Idazmi7 كتب:

    “That does bring up an interesting point, why has no one developed the ability to shoot DOWN photon torpedoes?”

    They’re shielded. That’s why they glow.

  9. Idazmi7 كتب:

    TOS. The Enterprise shoots down missiles in “For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky”

    And the “point defense” in ST 2009 was terrible. Look up “LAWS Laser Defense” and you’ll see some real point-defense. Don’t let shiny, glowy effects fool you.

  10. Idazmi7 كتب:

    The photon torpedo first appeared in the episode “The Changeling”

  11. tom thuenen كتب:

    Ah, the limits to 60s special effects. Took them a while to decide just what kind of weapons the Enterprise had. As a kid, I always wondered why the Enterprise is always show firing its weapons from the same location.

  12. andymac4883 كتب:

    Amusingly, the only part of Trek I can think of that shows decent point defence is the very heavily base breaking 2009 movie, where both Kelvin and Enterprise use either pulse phasers or a mix of pulse and normal phasers to shoot down the Narada’s torpedoes.
    Realistic space combat, in terms of ranges at least, really only works in writing, though. A really good writer/director could make it work in a visual medium, but it’s so much easier when you don’t need to grab the audience visually.

  13. tom thuenen كتب:

    That does bring up an interesting point, why has no one developed the ability to shoot DOWN photon torpedoes? Like you said, their nothing but missiles with low yield warheads.
    Long range combat can be made exciting, like in the Honor Harrington novels, butt it also requires a writer who has talent. Which was sorely lacking in the heyday of Star Trek. Before ST-Enterprise destroyed it.

  14. andymac4883 كتب:

    Technically, warp speed missiles with high yield warheads ARE the norm. They’re called photon torpedoes :p But seriously, it’s all to do with the excitement factor. After all, what’s more exciting for most viewers? Two fleets engaging each other at visual range, or two fleets each shooting at something that neither them nor the audience can actually see?

  15. Idazmi7 كتب:

    Photon Torpedoes hadn’t been scripted yet.

  16. tom thuenen كتب:

    True, they say they are firing Phasers when photon torpedoes would have been a more appropriate weapon.

  17. tom thuenen كتب:

    Well the limits of small screen TVs do not allow starships to fight at their limits but instead at insanely short ranges. In DS9, fleets are packed so closely together that its amazing they don’t hit each other. I always wondered why warp speed missiles with high yield warheads are not the norm. A spread of Anti-matter bombs into those tightly packed formations would wreak havoc.

  18. andymac4883 كتب:

    Don’t worry, I’m not saying the Constitutions would definitely have had rear torpedoes, just correcting a point. Though I will say, although the Enterprise never demonstrated this ability, it isn’t that unusual in modern navies for different ships of the same class to have different armaments, loadouts, and abilities.

    Also, the stated ranges of starships in film and TV haven’t ever really matched with what’s seen on screen. I believe you have a point about the glowing rods, though.

  19. tom thuenen كتب:

    Having played Star Fleet Battles and I had a copy of the official deck plans. I agree the Constitution did have more weapons, but no rear firing photon torpedoes or even rear firing Phasers show up on the deck plans . It’s just that the episode shows weapons fire from places I know have no Phasers emplacements. Like I said it just looks like they wanted a more dramatic fight scene for the show.

  20. Idazmi7 كتب:

    The Enterprise hit Nomad with a photon torpedo in “The Changeling” (TOS) when Nomad was clearly behind them.

    As for the lack of phasers, you can chalk that up to the limitations of 60’s effects. In “Balance of Terror” (TOS) They mention forward, starboard and midship phasers, port phasers implied, and the phasers fired in pulses.

  21. tom thuenen كتب:

    Your killing me, your right as well but, the Constitution class does not have that ability. The biggest weak point the Constitution class has always had is their rear shield (number 4). Never in TOS did the Enterprise fire any other Phaser location but the one on the bottom of the saucer section. Not from the rear or from the bottom of the secondary hull. I always thought that was the only Phaser bank the ship had, that the saucer section had been built around this one Uber weapon. Till SFB.

  22. andymac4883 كتب:

    Go to 4:04. The Reliant fires at the Enterprise from a rear-firing torpedo tube.

  23. tom thuenen كتب:

    Yep, your right, I just don’t remember ever seeing it fired. But the Excelsior class did indeed have that ability but, the Constitution class does not.

  24. Michael Turner كتب:

    The U.S.S. Excelsior had rear photons in Star Trek III according to the model released by AMT.

  25. Idazmi7 كتب:

    “What ruined it is the writers, being lazy fucks, did not do any research on the capabilities of a Constitution class starship”


    They did plenty of research. And for the rear firing torpedoes, the Enterprise hit Nomad with a photon torpedo in “The Changeling” when Nomad was clearly behind them.

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