CAT 660B في HAULIN ‘الحمار!

CAT 660B scrapers haulin’ ass down hill.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to CAT 660B في HAULIN ‘الحمار!

  1. nick west says:

    good way to wreck it

  2. dashaB0553 says:

    This is why so called “operators” are red necked cowboys, they’re a liability to themself and more importantly to the people that work along side them who usually pay the ultimate price because of the cowboys attitude

  3. Gavin84w says:

    No scrapers on quarry haulroads so not a fair comparison at all, this is how scrapers run and it is not reckless or any where even near it

  4. Gavin84w says:

    Not for doing this, what do you want the scrapers to come down there slower?

  5. gtvstar2 says:

    I’ve seen a lot of high speed driving on haul roads in quarries here in Australia in dump trucks, but I’m sure this borders on reckless !

  6. steve sager says:


  7. dashaB0553 says:

    Ever wonder why people get killed at work?

  8. MIKE BOCCO says:


  9. iwannabawannab says:

    Drop ya bowl down there goo she will come out of the bumps better and why the fuck dont they make them with jake brakes anymore!

  10. blackelk7373 says:

    Its funny cause Ive been on jobs where there will be one guy goin slow haulin material and it will be the slow guy that is breaking shit. Your right this equipment is built to get after it. But you know Ive been on jobs where they will run a guy off for goin slow and some jobs will do the same for goin fast. Its fucked for the more productive guy cause some of the slow haulers get pissed, some of the boss’ get pissed. Nothin like haulin with a good crew though. Keep feelings out of it and go.

  11. Joe Nichols says:

    scraper racing???

  12. Carkna Zaroc says:


  13. farmertrg says:

    Love this video…… Its all about power and if your brave enough give it some beans

  14. NorwegianCarWrecker says:

    seatbelts anyone?

  15. catanddeereD11T says:

    Why did they have to put those Detroits in?!?! I would have left the Cats in! But to each his own…

  16. bbbhkr says:

    I ran these very scrapers for ACI. We hauled some ass, down hill. Fun times. The white strip on the rim is so the boss can see if you are spinning your tires while loading.

  17. Tyler Stacesmith says:


  18. Gavin84w says:

    Really don,t see what all the fuss is about with regards to the speed, the machines are designed for that and the operators are running them as designed, scrapers = production, something a lot of outfits know phuck all about these days, these boys get it though.

  19. metelbod says:

    When it absolutely, positively has to be moved over night or right now…CatEx!

  20. 2fast65 says:

    Them mo fo’s haul the mail looks like fun for about five minutes til you’re body is all beat from the lovely ride.

  21. Clawedbackster says:

    Cool video! I can remember watching some of those types of scrapers sliding around a sharp corner back in the early 1970′s when I was a kid.

  22. Andy Roo says:

    730′s are tiny compared to this. and ive seen plenty rolled at these speeds lol try drifting a 735, 770, or 772. its awesome! XD

  23. localcrew says:

    When you average in the uphill stretch, they’re really not going that fast. I know why there’s a white stripe painted on the drive wheels…

  24. MechanicDan1 says:

    In-freaking-sane, that about sums it up

  25. dylan l says:

    that looks like fun

  26. MrJesz26 says:


  27. blackeagle988 says:

    Do you know name of Garp’s 2nd?

  28. oOne Piecee says:

    Watch the video in my Channel TOP 5 strongest Swordman.

  29. Xeonophon says:

    “fist of love” :s

  30. yair mendel says:

    thats not garp its the guy who trained kobi and the other guy

  31. tdwtFULLEPISODES says:


  32. Akshay M says:


  33. Rocknium1 says:

    No that was he’s right hand swordsman!

  34. eakalak ketbunprom says:


  35. andrei mangaron says:

    That’s another type of haki… perception haki.. the one garp calls “love” is armament haki..

  36. Jet renz says:

    thats not garp…..

  37. Natã Valério says:

    this his 2nd in comand

  38. Robert Stoner says:


  39. Cröves the Amazing says:

    Haki. In skypeia it’s called Mantra. By Garp, it’s called “Love”.

  40. feifei dong says:

    what episode

  41. mrdbznarutofan1 says:

    …Will of D. anyone?

  42. nemichan M. says:

    0,36: O__o are they really related?????

    3,12: yeah, they´re related alright -_-

  43. Icebreaker says:


    Sanji: “I think I’ve just seen part of what gave Luffy his endless will to live… *in his head* “and the source of Luffy’s brain damage”

  44. EmperorXaozx says:

    Chronic/hereditary narcolepsy.

  45. gid519 says:

    OMG I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING *APPLAUSE*!!!! freaking hilarious!

  46. norney91 says:

    plus haki in skypea, the color of observation if i’m in correct

  47. boxerstar2 says:

    I think it’s like episode 314 or something

  48. SM Kululu says:

    it’s seen in the first chapter of the manga.

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